Coasts and Cols Tour - Day 12 - 'The Dawn Finale'

My alarm woke me at 5am. Having scoffed most of my remaining food last night, I munched down a stray banana, and stuffed my sleeping bag away for the last time this trip.

Rain was pattering the tent lightly, as I packed it up, and then rolled out of camp. 40 kilometres to cover; to reach St. Malo, the ferry home, and a hot shower.

The rain had abated by the time I reached Dinan, and the last 25 kilometres up the river were on deserted roads, in the gradually building light.

I rolled to a stop at the top of the hill above St. Malo. Looking out over the English Channel, I reflected on the trip; I'd come to my final coast of the 'Coasts and Cols' tour...

What an incredible journey it's been. From the mountains and plains of northern Spain; to the challenging weather and climbs of the Pyrenees. From a rest day with good friends in The Corbieres; followed by a northbound few days of mile clocking, through Bordeaux, Vendée, The Loire Valley and then Bretagne. Changing landscapes, and changing challenges; a real test of bike, body, kit, and mind.

Reflecting on the above, I rolled down the hill to the walled city of St. Malo. I grabbed my last pastries and coffee, and I took the compulsory 'Bike Against A Wall' shot. Then, I boarded the boat, and had the longest shower in my memory.

The 'Coasts and Cols' is complete. What will be next?


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