Review - Clement X'Plor USH Tyres

Clement XPlor USH Tyres
​When you're looking for the best tyre for bicycle touring, you're demanding a whole host of attributes... You want a tyre that will grip well and inspire confidence, even when fully loaded. You want a tyre that will roll fast, so you can munch through the miles. You want a tyre that is puncture resistant, because changing a tube on a fully loaded bike is a right faff. Finally, you want a tyre that will last; because by its nature, bicycle touring is hard on your kit.

The new Clement X'Plor USH tyres are part of the 'Adventure' range from the French/ Italian brand. They are tyres designed to excel at back-and-beyond touring; ticking off all the attributes above, in the process. The USH X'Plor model is the 'hard-pack' touring tyre; it features a tread pattern that is at home on asphalt, but equally capable of handling gravel sections.

I selected the Clement X'Plor USH as my tyre option for my upcoming 'Coasts and Cols' tour; it was an easy selection to make - this is a great touring tyre. The smooth centre ridge provides fast rolling speed, whilst the diamond edges give significantly more confidence through the corners than on fully-slick tyres.

Put simply, the Clement X'plor USH tyres deliver on their promise of being a great bicycle touring tyre. I am sure that they'll help me to roll through the 1,900 kilometres of the 'Coasts and Cols' tour, with confidence.

View the Clement X'plor USH tyres at Wiggle (Link)

Clement XPlor USH Tyres
Tread pattern on the Clement X'Plor USH Tyres


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