Optimum Nutrition - The Complete Nutrition Strategy

This year, Optimum Nutrition turned 30 years old. They are celebrating three decades of delivering 'Gold Standard' nutrition, including the famous Gold Standard 100% Whey - the most popular whey protein product out there today.

Within the ON range, there are numerous other 'Gold Standard' products though; which can create a complete 'optimal nutrition strategy', whether you're a gym goer or endurance cyclist. In this blog post, I thought I'd look through my favourites…

Gold Standard Pre-Workout

To kick things off, quite literally, there is the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout. This product is designed to ignite your body before you commence vigorous activity. It contains 175mg of caffeine, from natural sources, to help increase alertness and focus. It also contains creatine, for added power output; then vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6 and B12, which all contribute to energy yielding metabolism. Additional ingredients include Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, L-Carnitine and N-Acetyl-Tyrosine, which are amino acids that help to ensure the body is 100 percent operating at its maximum.

Gold Standard Train and Sustain

For during-exercise nutrition, the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Train and Sustain is a great option. I reviewed it in my blog post 'Five of the Best Energy and Recovery Drinks for Cyclists', and the latest flavours like Cola and Pomegranate & Raspberry, are especially good.

Gold Standard 100% Whey

For post-workout recovery, the Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein is about as high quality protein as you can buy. People perhaps don't realise that there are different quality levels of whey protein; but there are, and it makes a significant difference to both your recovery and your digestive system. I've tried the Strawberry, Double Chocolate and Vanilla flavours of 100% Whey; they all taste great, especially when mixed with dairy or almond milk.

Gold Standard Casein Protein

Casein protein is another milk-derived protein, but it has a far slower release than whey protein; making it ideal to take before bedtime, when you want the protein to release slowly into your system throughout the night. Casein is part of the cheese making process, and as a result it can have quite a 'cheesy' smell; however the Gold Standard Casein Protein seems to mask this well with the vanilla flavouring, and it is great as a hot-milk drink before bedtime.

Over their 30 years of production, Optimum Nutrition have produced these four 'Gold Standard' products, which all rank as some of the best that I've tested to date. That's a good reason to celebrate!

View the Optimum Nutrition range at onacademy.co.uk (Link)


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