Review - Timber! Mountain Bike Bell

Timber! Mountain Bike Bell
I always fit a bell to any bike that I'm using on shared pathways - be that bridleways or cycle paths; it is essential to alert other path users to your presence. However, over the last year I've managed to ding-to-death a number of cheap unbranded bike bells (the ones that come free on most bikes), and as a result I've been on the hunt for something better... I think I might have found it with the 'Timber!' MTB bell!

This little clanger looks and sounds like a traditional cowbell - 'singing' rather than 'dinging' to alert other trail users to your presence. The crucial difference from most other bike bells though, is that it effectively has an on-off switch, rather than a spring-loaded hammer.

To activate the 'Timber!' bell, you simply release the clutch and it begins singing; you can then leave it happily in that mode to politely signal your presence for as long as you need. Then, to deactivate the bell, you just flick the clutch back on and it will fall silent, even on rough terrain. The bell actually relies on a bumpy trail or path to stimulate the little internal hammer, so it won't work on smooth tarmac; but if you're fitting it to a MTB or cyclocross bike, then it works a treat (see video below).

The 'Timber!' bell is a compact and smart little unit, and mounts to the handlebars (up to 35mm ones) with a rubber band design. It looks miles better made than most bike bells, and it seems to be withstanding my abusive thumbs very well!

This is a really neat little product, well worth checking out!

The Timber! Bike Bell is available in the UK through Cyclorise (Link)
Use the code "LITS20" for 20% off until 31st December 2016


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