Book Review - 'The Racer' by David Millar

David Millar is one rider I have always respected within the pro peloton. Yes, he's had dark moments within his career; but anyone that has read his previous book 'Racing Through The Dark' (read my book review here), will know that he has done just that - he's "raced through" the shadowy days; coming out the other side a more experienced, wise and informed athlete and personality.

David Millar is a veteran of the peloton, in more ways than one. He has experienced it all - from the depressing days of the 1990's, to the '100% clean teams' like Garmin and Team Sky. He has raced 'The Classics'; he has raced in over 20 Grand Tours; he has seen the world of professional cycling from more angles than most. It is this educated personality, which makes 'The Racer' a great read.

The book follows David Millar's final year in the professional peloton - the 2014 season. This is far from an easy ride for the Scottish born rider though, and the reader gains an insight into the reality of what 'Life on the Road' as a Pro cyclist is all about…

From solitary training camps, to team victories. From surviving 'The Classics', to enduring La Vuelta with a broken hand. From playing the pivotal role of 'Road Captain', to being dropped from the TDF team in the week before the event.

'The Racer' is a tale of a turbulent final season; providing a deep dive into the emotional rollercoaster that is professional cycling. It is a great read, and a truly personal insight; providing an educational and engaging perspective on the peloton.


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