Review - Unior Tools Pro Home Mechanic Tool Kit

Unior Tools Pro Home Mechanic Tool Kit
When I see 'newbie' cyclists out on the roads and trails, I sometimes have to stop myself from wincing at their creaking bike or squeaky chain. I force myself to smile instead, because at least they're out there, enjoying the ride.

I also have to remind myself that I was once the same… when I started getting into mountain biking, at the age of 12, I remember having no end of problems with skipping gears, squeaking brakes and sticky cables; those maintenance tasks that now take a few minutes in the bike stand at home, used to have to require a trip to the local bike shop to resolve.

Trips to the local bike shop are in fact a key part of many cyclists' development; however, it's often not long before time constraints, frustration and purse strings push budding cyclists into doing their own mechanic work, at home. For me, I bought a copy of Leonard Zinn's legendary 'Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance', along with a budget LifeLine Essential Tool Kit; then taught myself the 'art', through trial and (a lot of) error.

As you become more adept at bicycle maintenance though, you realise that good quality tools soon pay for themselves. Tools are an investment, as well as an incentive to learn more about the inner workings of your bike. The more you understand, and the more you can fix things yourself, the more you will also understand about efficiency and the prevention of possible 'mechanicals'.

In this review post, I'm looking at the Pro Home Mechanic Tool Set from Unior Tools - a superb professional quality set of tools, which would have certainly been the envy of my former 12 year old self!

The kit is composed of 18 parts, all housed in a smart plastic tool kit with padded foam linings. It makes the ideal case for mobile or home mechanics.

This is what the kit contains:

  • 3 Three-legged Y Wrench Sets - For Hex Keys and Torx Keys of all the common sizes. Y shaped keys are great for torquing up bolts, and feel comfortable to hold compared to a multi-tool.
  • Chain Tools - Consisting of a strong chain tool with replaceable chain pin, Masterlink removal pliers and a chain wear indicator. A good quality chain tool is essential for fitting new chains, whilst the Masterlink removal tool makes removal of quick-links far easier.
  • Hollowtech Bottom Bracket Tool - This is essential if you're removing and maintaining a Shimano Hollowtech bottom bracket.
  • Cassette Removal Tools - Consisting of a neat cassette holder tool that works on 10, 11 and 12 speed cassettes (though note you need to have an 11 or 12 tooth small cog on the cassette), as well as a freewheel lock ring remover.
  • Flat and Phillips Screwdrivers - These are great for derailleur tuning, and feature hardened ends for added durability.
  • Two Tyre Levers - Essential!
  • Steel Wire Cutter - A good quality cable cutter is a must, and will reduce the chances of your cable fraying when you cut them.
  • Rotor Truing Fork - This is a neat little tool, which I haven't owned before. It is great for straightening knocked or warped disc brake rotors.
  • Disc Brake Pad Spreader - I have always done this with a tyre lever before, but this is a far easier and better made alternative; for when you need to push the pistons back in on disc brake calipers.
  • Pocket Wheel Truing Stand and Spoke Wrench - Finally, my favourite... this neat little tool straps to the seat-stays or fork stanchions of the bike, and allows you to true up a wonky wheel wobble, without taking the wheel out of the bike. Neat!


Overall, this is a superb tool set. It contains all the essentials, as well as a few other great little tools that I haven't experienced before.

All the tools are incredibly high quality, and although this kit does have a premium price, it really is a worthwhile investment. Quality tools work better, last longer and stand less chance of damaging your bike. These are bike tools that will make you enjoy that winter maintenance slog!

Unior Tools Pro Home Mechanic Tool Kit
From top left: cassette tools, Y-wrenches, chain tool and Hollowtech bottom bracket tool

Unior Tools Pro Home Mechanic Tool Kit
From top left: Masterlink removal pliers, spoke key, rotor truing tool, cable cutter, chain wear checker, disc pad spreader, Pocket Truing Tool, screwdrivers, 8mm pedal hex key, tyre levers 


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