Review - Craft Cadence Tempo Waterproof Trunk Bag

A rack top trunk bag is the ideal solution to carrying light and small loads. Better than a rucksack as it doesn't leave you with a sweaty back; also better than a single pannier in terms of balance; it is my preferred option for a daily commute. The new Craft Cadence Tempo Trunk Bag is a good value and well-built execution of the concept.

Made from PVC coated nylon, and with a roll-top closure, the bag is waterproof and durable. A rigid insert helps the main section of the bag to keep its shape, whilst two small zippered pockets on the outside are ideal for things like a phone and keys.

The bag attaches to the pannier rack using two large Velcro straps on the underside. A third strap on the front of the bag can provide extra security, to stop the bag shifting back on the rack frame. The mounting system feels secure, and even with some off-road riding it has shown itself to be a stable design.

Neat additions include a light clip on the back of the bag, which is useful if you are used to mounting your light on the now covered seat post.

My only criticism of the design, is that the straps that attach the bag to the rack can be a little awkward to undo and install; as you need to reach inside the side arms of the racks in order to get to them. That said, many users will leave the bag on the rack for a prolonged period, and in these situations the extra security of not being able to whip the bag off, is a bonus.

Overall, a really well made rack-top bag option; and at £22.99 RRP, one of the best value too. It seems that the small London-based team of enthusiast cyclists at Craft Cadence, have used their knowledge of bike commuting to great effect.


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