Review - Craft Cadence Waterproof Backpack

Winter commuting in the UK poses the frequent threat of precipitation; and there aren't many things more disheartening than getting to work drenched, only to find that the clean change of clothes in your rucksack are equally waterlogged. Enter the roll-top waterproof rucksack, to provide the solution...

There are multiple brands out there making roll-top dry bag style waterproof rucksacks, but this new release from Craft Cadence is one of the best designs that I have tried to date.

Made from tough PVC coated nylon, the bag has a real quality feel to it, and will withstand a thorough soaking, as well as significant use and abuse.

The design itself, like most roll-top bags, is simple but effective. The thing that separates the Craft Cadence model from others though, is the detail...

First, there is the roll top closure system. Most of these systems roll down and then have a single strap to secure the water-tight roll. The Craft Cadence Rucksack has a double defence system; where the roll down is secured by Velcro tabs, and then by two independent straps that reach over the top of the roll. This 'belt and braces' approach means there is no risk that it will inadvertently unroll, leaving your kit exposed to the elements.

Second, the straps on the bag are more comfortable than most. The high-density foam padding provides comfort, even with heavy loads. The back panel is made from a mixture of mesh and foam, to aid air flow and breathability. There is also a good waist strap, for when you are using the bag with a weighty load.

The third winning factor on the Craft Cadence Rucksack, is the pocketing. On the outside, you get one waterproof zippered pocket, which is ideal for a phone, cards and keys. On the inside, the interior is housed within a removable liner, which helps to add extra waterproofing and protection. Within this liner, there is a laptop sleeve, and a mesh zippered pocket for small essentials. The complete pocketing system strikes that balance between having enough pockets to stay organised, but not so many you lose track of where you have placed things.

Overall, the Craft Cadence Waterproof Rucksack is one of the best roll-top waterproof rucksack bags that I have tested to date. It is robust, durable, waterproof and comfortable. Pocketing is helpful and well thought-out. Then, added little features like the whistle on the chest strap, and the reflective detailing on the shoulder straps, help to show real detail in design. A great pack for daily commuting duty.

Craft Cadence is a London based team of enthusiast cycle commuters.


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