Stocking Fillers for Cyclists 2017

Christmas is coming, and Santa is loading up his fat bike for the festive ride. So, I thought I would take a look at my top stocking filler suggestions for cyclists, runners, triathletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

Muc-Off Mechanic Mug

First up, the classic mug gift. This quality enamel mug from Muc-Off features the legendary Doctor-X. Sip that post-ride Americano in style, whilst getting the bike shiny clean.

Sugru Self-Setting Glue

Sugru is incredibly versatile stuff. Check out some of my previous posts such as 'Sugru Hacks for Cyclists' and 'How to Make a Homemade Tubeless Plug' for some ideas. Sugru have also just released their latest formula, which is more sensitive-skin and child friendly; ideal to give to kids, so they can fix their mudguards and light brackets when they inevitably snap them!

Muc-Off Eyewear Cleaner

If you are giving someone some fresh new Oakleys or POC sunglasses for Christmas, then this would be a great addition in their stocking. The goggles and glasses cleaning kit from Muc-Off means you don't risk damaging your lenses, when cleaning them after a mucky ride.

Galen Leather Leather Personalised Keyring

Galen Leather is a small Turkish brand, who produce some beautiful hand-made leather goods. These little keyrings, with personalised initials, are just one of the great products in their range. They tie in nicely with the classic retro-cycle chic look.

Galen Leather Cyclist Traveller's Notebook

Cyclists are an organised bunch, and personally I am a big fan of note-taking. As a step up from the personalised keyrings, the Galen Leather Traveller's Notebook is a truly exquisite gift. The basic notebook cover can be personalised with stamped initials, and then you can add in other great extras like the leather wallet insert, and the bicycle charm strap.

Muc-Off Filth Ride Guard

Everyone should be encouraged to get off the beaten track in winter; get a bit dirty with some CX or MTB. But, a little protection can go a long way to helping with comfort, and enjoyment. This Filth Ride Guard is a great (colourful!) option to keep front wheel spray off your face and eyes.

Knog Oi Bell

The Oi Bell from Australian brand Knog is as beautiful and discrete as bike bells come. Making your presence know on the cyclepath is also far more of a glockenspiel style charm, than a harsh 'ding'. This is a great festive stocking filler. [Read my full review here]


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