Review - Artivelo Bike Dock Storage Solution

We cannot ride our bikes all the time. That presents the conundrum of where to store your ride, when you are putting your feet up. The solution, provided by Dutch brand Artivelo, is to make your bicycle into a piece of wall-hung artwork.

Providing that your bike is clean, and not some ghastly mix of random components, then the chances are, it is something you are proud to present. You are a rider. Let that show.

I believe there are some bikes that pray to be presented - I would claim that my Kona Rove Ti is one of those, as is my Neil Pryde Bura SL road bike.

With these kind of bikes calling out for some attention, the Artivelo BikeDock provided the perfect presentation shelf.

More than a shelf…

The Artivelo BikeDock is a lot more than just a shelf from which to suspend your bike.

Machined from industrial looking 3mm powder-coated steel, your bike hangs from its top tube, supported by a luxurious leather pad (enabling all shapes of top tube to be supported).

The rack also has some additional neat storage solutions for your riding accessories.

Designed by ex-elite rider Oscar Verheul, the BikeDock provides a storage solution to keep all your riding accessories in one convenient place. There are two removable shelves, for accessories; plus three loose hooks, for things like helmets and shoes. On the top of the shelf, there is a neat bicycle computer storage bracket.

The complete package really does transform your bike into a work of art.

Presented in a manner to be proud of, it means you can hang your bike safely and securely in your garage, or even your living room… just make sure you get prior approval from your partner, if you are planning the latter.


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