Review - Vee Tire Co Road Runner Road Cycling Tyres

I am an advocate of the benefits of going bigger, when it comes to road cycling tyres. Greater volume means more comfort, more grip, and research suggests very little increase in rolling resistance. As a result, I was pleased to be testing the 28c version of Vee Tire Co.'s Road Runner tyres this autumn; this is the largest size tyre that will fit into most standard road bike frames.

The Road Runner is pitched as a do-it-all road tyre: providing grip, puncture protection, and longevity. With my riding focussing largely on endurance challenges, it appeared to be a good fit.

Despite a relatively low thread-per-inch of 90 TPI, the Road Runner promises traction from first inspection; the rubber compound feeling tacky to the touch.

The low thread count does mean that the tyres are relatively quite heavy, at 280 grams for the 28c version. But, the added rubber in the casing translates into greater durability, and puncture resistance.

Out on the road, the Road Runner feels sure-footed and fast. It grips well in the corners, in both the wet and the dry, despite not having any grooves or lugged threads to disperse water from the tyre's surface.

Whilst the tyres don't feel quite as supple as a high thread count tyre, such as a Vittoria Open Corsa; it would be unfair to expect that, given that those sorts of tyres are more susceptible to punctures and wear. I have yet to puncture on the Road Runner tyres, after several hundred kilometres of test miles; that bodes well, given this is the worst time of year for flints and thorns.

Overall, the Vee Tire Co. Road Runner tyres are fast, comfortable, durable and resilient. They seem to live up to the claim of being quick and bombproof, and they achieve that sought-after balance of affordable performance.


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