Review - Grizzly's Adventure Blends Tea

Winter demands tea. A good breakfast tea in the morning, a refreshing green tea in the afternoon, or a soothing peppermint tea in the evening. Tea brings warmth, comfort and refreshment; following cold and challenging winter training rides.

The world of tea is a minefield though, with so much variety in quality and taste. A bad brew will taste like a cup of dishwater, but a good one will bring a smile to your face.

Grizzly's Adventure Blends is a UK brand, founded by a good friend of mine. It was set up with the objective of making great tea, for great adventures.

The range includes Breakfast Tea, Peppermint Forest, Gunpowder Green and Campfire Cookout, as well as a special edition Christmas Tea.

I am usually a loose-leaf tea person, but I have been trying out Grizzly's tea bags in the above four flavours…

The Breakfast Tea has a strong sweet Assam flavour. However long you brew this tea, it doesn't go bitter; which makes it ideal for stream water boils, when the water may not taste that fresh. It is great with a dash of milk, to start the day wherever you are.

Gunpowder Green has a definite kick, and a notable lift. This is a quality green tea, unlike cheaper blends that often have a bitter aftertaste. It is my personal favourite for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Peppermint Forest tastes natural and clean, providing a refreshing post-meal tea.

Finally, Campfire Cookout provides a unique blend. The Lapsang Souchong tea has a sweet smoky aroma, providing a comforting winter scent. It is generally enjoyed without milk.

Great tea can put a smile on your face. These teas from Grizzly's Adventure Blends are locally created, from a worldwide knowledge of the best teas available.

Worth putting the kettle on.


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