Review - Cyclehoop Bikeshelf Wall Storage Rack

Storing a bike suspended off the floor makes a lot of sense: it makes better use of available space, and it makes it easier to clean around it. The Bikeshelf from UK brand Cyclehoop, is a neat solution.

The Bikeshelf can be installed to any concrete or brick wall, using a set of robust Rawl plugs. It is a weighty piece of metal, but once it is bolted into place, it provides a seriously secure and stable place to hang your bike.

The bike is hung from the top tube, which is preferable to hanging a bike by the front wheel or seat-post. The set-up means there is a lower chance of damaging the wheels, or the risk of the bike slipping on the seat-post. The paintwork on the top tube is protected by an integrated rubber lining on the cradle area.

The shelf unit itself doubles up as a useful place to keep helmet, shoes and other riding accessories; with a small shelf inside the unit giving extra storage.

You can also secure the bike to the shelf using a U-bolt lock, by passing it through the hole in the shelf, and locking the bike to the unit.

Built to last, and available in a mix of colours, the Cyclehoop Bikeshelf is a great solution for storing your bike safely and securely at home or work.


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