Review - Sportful RandD Strato Long Sleeve Top

Sportful have always been innovators. Pioneers in new fabrics, and design concepts. The Sportful R&D Strato Long Sleeve Top demonstrates this strength perfectly.

Designed for the transition seasons, and milder winter days, the Sportful Strato top is a long sleeved thermal jersey, with an integrated windproof gilet.

The design is made to protect your core from windchill, without adding the bulk of multiple clothing layers. It is a simple concept, but Sportful have executed it brilliantly.

The jersey material is warm, yet highly breathable. The windproof material used in the gilet is super-light, but very protective. The result, is a top which feels like a long sleeved jersey in terms of fit and weight, but has noticeably more protection for your front facing core and shoulders.

For added versatility, the level of thermal retention provided by the windproof fabric can be regulated using the zipper vents on the chest. Opening these up allows for air to flow through the jacket, and dry any perspiration that has collected inside.

Three rear pockets provide ample storage space, whilst a strong elastic gripper hem helps to keep everything in place.

The Sportful Strato has fast become my favourite top of the AW17 collection. It is impressively versatile; both in mixed weather conditions, and on long climbs / descents, where it provides that sought after capacity to keep you temperate throughout.

Sportful's Research and Development team seems to have nailed it again. A great fitting and very useful outer later, for a wide variety of weather conditions.

Sportful RandD Strato Long Sleeve Top
A full length zipper adds further venting to the Sportful Strato Top

Sportful RandD Strato Long Sleeve Top
I have been combining the Strato top with both long sleeve and short sleeve base layers

Sportful RandD Strato Long Sleeve Top
The windproof gilet gives significant protection for your core

Sportful RandD Strato Long Sleeve Top
Italian sunshine and sub-zero temperatures - perfect conditions for the Strato Top

Sportful RandD Strato Long Sleeve Top
For the kind of conditions where you are likely to wear leg or knee warmers, the Sportful Strato excels

Sportful RandD Strato Long Sleeve Top
The windproof fabric does not cover the central back area, to allow perspiration to escape

Sportful RandD Strato Long Sleeve Top
Another winning design from the Sportful Research and Development team


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