Review – Hutchinson Tires Overide Tubeless Gravel Tyres

Hutchinson Tires Overide Tubeless Gravel Tyres Review
I have a fond association with the Hutchinson Tires brand; in 2014 I spent a week in Provence with the product development team testing their Toro and Squale MTB tyres. The French brand has evolved their range significantly over the last few years, and the release of the new Overide gravel-specific bike tyre promised to be an interesting and (from past experience) superb mixed-surface bicycle tyre.

Hutchinson Tires were the pioneers of tubeless technology and designed some of the world's first tubeless road tyres; capable of taking the high pressures required for asphalt riding. Tubeless tyres have really come into their own with the growth of 'Gravel' riding though; because of their inability to pinch-flat, and the dramatically increased grip and comfort that can be achieved even on low volume tyres.

I have been testing the Hutchinson Overide 38c gravel tyre on my 3T Exploro for the last few months, and they are proving to be a superb summer gravel riding option.

The Overide comes in 35c and 38c options, which differ both in their size and tread design. Both models use a fairly rounded profile, with a semi-slick pattern; but the 38c version beefs up the depth of the centre file tread to provide the increased grip expected by users of the larger volume tyre.

The Overide is impressively fast. With the front/rear 38c tyres inflated to 40/45 PSI the tyres roll almost like a standard road bike tyre, despite the added weight and volume. Cornering and handling are obviously dramatically improved by the added width of the tyre though, and the side treads hold very well on off-camber turns.

Off-road, the Overide continues to excel. This is a true 'Gravel' tyre, and it is not intended to be used on mountain bike trails that are rocky or overly challenging; and yet, I have ridden a lot of the Isle of Wight chalk downland on the Overide, and it has held its own in terms of traction and puncture resilience.

The Tubeless Hardskin version of the Hutchinson Overide I have been testing offers a top-level construction. Made in France, it uses bead to bead reinforcement for puncture protection, and the superb build quality is demonstrated by how easily it mounted up tubeless on a set of Stan's NoTubes rims.

To sum up, the Overide is fast on-road, and equally as lightning quick on light gravel such as that found on forest trails. Impressively, the Hutchinson Tires design also holds up well even on more rutted and rough off-road sections, although in truth if you are riding this kind of terrain more frequently, I would recommend a 40c tyre in preference.

The Overide is beautifully made, and fantastic to ride. It seems that Hutchinson Tires have utilised their profound knowledge of off-road and road tubeless tyres to create a fast and capable mixed-surface tyre.

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Hutchinson Tires Overide Tubeless Gravel Tyres Review

Hutchinson Tires Overide Tubeless Gravel Tyres Review

Hutchinson Tires Overide Tubeless Gravel Tyres Review

Hutchinson Tires provided the Hutchinson Overide Tyres to for testing and review


  1. i have the same name tires with slightly different looks on my decathlon grvl120, ocassionally got snake bites, and totally unusable after 2 something months (around 2000Km)


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