Review – Rapha Core Cargo Pocket Bib Shorts

The first iteration of the Rapha Cargo Bib Shorts were one of the two pairs of bib shorts I chose for last year's #RoadsFromRome adventure. The storage capacity, robust fast-dry fabrics, and comfortable endurance specific seat-pad made them a top choice for the 2500 kilometre tour. The latest version—the Rapha Core Cargo Bib Shorts have been on test for the last few months; they offer some interesting developments over the first edition.

Rapha have retained the three core product attributes found in the original Rapha Brevet Cargo Bib Shorts—including the fast drying fabrics, side and back mesh pockets, and the endurance level chamois pad. However, other areas have been developed and altered to bring the product up to date with current trends and preferences.

The Rapha Core Cargo Bib Shorts use a new dense-knit fabric, which has a degree of weather and water repellence, and a fast-dry nature; bit it is lighter weight than the Brevet fabric in the predecessors. The bib section of the Core shorts is made of another new lighter weight breathable fabric that allows for moisture to escape with ease. The fabric choices make these shorts ideal for changeable weather conditions, such as those encountered on a daily commute or a long distance tour.

Pocketing comes in the form of two mesh pockets on the sides of the thighs, and two mesh pockets on the bib straps of the jersey. The high stretch mesh allows you to safely stow items like a phone, snacks, or the overspill shopping that you cannot fit in your jersey pockets. I have found them useful on everything from errand runs around town, when you are not wearing a pocketed jersey; as well as on long distance rides, when every bit of storage space is beneficial.

The Cargo Bib Shorts feature flat-locked seams and laser cut leg grippers, for added comfort when riding any distance. The chamois pad is Rapha's own 'Classic' pad, which is simple in design but comfortable even for prolonged hours on the pedals.

Overall, the Rapha Core Cargo Bib Shorts are a well-made and well-designed pair of cycling bib shorts. They offer the flexibility to ride without a pocketed jersey, or the added storage capacity that you might seek when riding on a long distance bike trip. The fabrics are lightweight, yet durable; and both the seat pad is comfortable and well-fitted. These are a Grand Tour-worthy pair of bib shorts.

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Rapha Core Cargo Pocket Bib Shorts

Rapha Core Cargo Pocket Bib Shorts

Rapha Core Cargo Pocket Bib Shorts

The Rapha Core Cargo Bib Shorts were provided to by Rapha UK for testing and review


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