Review – Goodyear Eagle All-Season Tubeless Road Tyres

Road bike tyres are getting bigger, and better. The new 30c Eagle All-Season Tubeless Tyres from Goodyear Bicycle Tires are a superb endurance riding option. I have been testing them out over the last month, here is my review...

I remember being one of the first riders in Team Wiggle (back in 2013) to make the switch from 23c to 25c tyres. The added comfort and grip was an obvious benefit, and has very little penalty in terms of added weight; as well as even some suggestions of lower rolling resistance from the larger diameter tyre [read this past post for some insights].

In the following years I switched from 25c to 28c on my road bike and moved from 33c up to 40c diameter tyres on my gravel bike. The benefits of larger volume tyres when riding long hours on mixed surface terrain are huge, and far outweigh the downsides (in my opinion). With this progression in mind, I was keen to test out the 30c diameter road-focussed Eagle tyres from Goodyear; an even larger volume of road tyre than I am currently using.

Goodyear branched into bicycle tyres a few years ago and have transferred a lot of knowledge and skill from making class-leading motorsport tyres. Earlier this year I tested the Goodyear Country Touring Tyres (35c), and last year the Goodyear Connector Gravel Tyres (40c); both of those were very impressive. Straight out of the box the Eagle tyres looked equally as promising, with an all-weather tread and a robust puncture-proof feel.

I fitted the Eagle All-Season tyres to my Kona Private Jake, because unfortunately there was not enough room to accommodate them on the Campagnolo rim caliper brakes on my road bike. Nevertheless, fitting them on the KPJ allowed me to give them a real test in all conditions.

I set the tyres up tubeless on Stan's NoTubes rims, and they mounted up easily and securely. Tubeless tyres are a great option for comfort and puncture protection [read more here].

Out on the road and on debris-strewn cycle tracks, the Goodyear Eagle All-Season have performed superbly; feeling sure-footed, stable, and yet fast. In the wet they continue to perform; holding their grip in corners and on off-camber roads — they live up to their name of being an all-season tyre.

After over 1000 kilometres of testing I have yet to puncture on the Eagles, and they are showing little in terms of wear and tear. This is a great attribute for a tyre that is likely to be used for long winter training and touring miles.

Overall, the Goodyear Eagle All-Season is a robust and reliable performance road cycling tyre, with the capability of going the distance in all conditions and on a wide variety of challenging road surfaces. These would be a great option for bikepacking, loaded touring, winter riding, and everyday use.

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Goodyear Tires provided Life In The Saddle with the Eagle All-Season Tyres for testing and review


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