Review – Giro Code Techlace Mountain Bike Cycling Shoes

Giro Code Techlace MTB Shoes Review
Giro have always been pioneers of interesting cycling shoe designs. Giro Empire road shoes rekindled a passion for lace-up cycling shoes, and now the Giro Code Techlace MTB shoes take things one step further; with a tri-closure system of laces, Velcro, and a BOA dial. These off-road shoes were my choice for the #CelticCrossTrail tour because of their superb comfort and performance.

I have always liked Giro shoes. Look back on my previous long distance trans-continental tours, and you will spot that I wore Giro Privateer MTB Shoes for both the #CoastsandCols tour and the #7Countries7Passes. The Giro designs always seem to fit well, and most importantly they go the distance; providing comfort and durability. The new Giro Code Techlace MTB Shoes follow the trend.

The Giro Code Techlace is a mountain biking evolution of the Giro Techlace shoe, which was launched by Giro in 2018. The Techlace concept uses laces attached to a Velcro tab for the two front closures on the shoe; this system provides a lighter weight closure than a standard full Velcro strap, as well as reducing the chance of pressure points caused by a strap closure. To lock in the ankle and heel, the Techlace concept uses a BOA lace dial to provide a highly adjustable, low weight, and super secure hold. The Techlace system works superbly – it is one of the most comfortable closure systems I have used; the forward laces provide a small degree of stretch that allows for the swelling of the foot in variable temperature conditions, while the BOA dial securely holds the foot in place to provide a reassuring fit and feel.

The sole of the Giro Code Techlace shoes is also a highlight. The last is made from Easton carbon fibre, and it is predictably light, stiff, and strong. The lugs of the tread then come from Vibram — a brand reputed for producing some of the grippiest and most durable rubber soles in the hiking market. The fusion of these two brands' technologies creates a sole that provides a powerful platform for pedalling, as well as fantastic traction when you might be forced to hike off the bike.

The uppers of the Giro Code Techlace are a subtle and durable synthetic leather material; with perforations to allow the feet to breathe, as well as protective bumpers to avoid scratches and damage. After riding through streams and downpours I was particularly impressed by how quickly the Code shoes drained and dried — a great attribute for endurance riders.

The final positive worth praising with all Giro shoes is the brand's efforts to accommodate different foot types through their adaptable insole system. Giro shoes come with a selection of three arch inserts (Green, Orange, and Red) that can be swapped on the base of the insole to provide support for low, medium, or high height arches. This adaption of the arch support provides a superior fit to many cycling shoes, which more often than not just come with a flat insole. Proper arch support is also likely to reduce the risk of injury from a poorly aligned foot position.

To sum up, the Giro Code Techlace shoes tick a lot of boxes. The closure system is comfortable, adaptable, and secure. The arch support is equally versatile, and further improves the fit. The uppers are flexible and comfortable; while the sole is stiff, powerful, and provides superb off-the-bike traction. There is little else you can ask for in a mountain biking shoe, which is why I chose these shoes over others for the #CelticCrossTrail tour; they are a great endurance off-road cycling shoe.

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Giro Code Techlace MTB Shoes Review

Giro Code Techlace MTB Shoes Review

Giro Code Techlace MTB Shoes Review


  1. Hi, I just came across this review even it’s it’s a bit old, I had a question. I’m looking to replace my privateers, how do you think these compare? I ride year round in the often wet, sometimes cold PNW/ Oregon. While I do ride a few centuries and the occasional overnighted, I don’t do any endurance racing. Cheers


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