Review – Smith Ignite Aero MIPS Road Cycling Helmet

 Smith Ignite Aero MIPS Road Cycling Helmet
The Smith Ignite is a cycling helmet that looks fast, feels fast, and provides impressive protection for your head. The Italian brand has utilised the latest in material technologies to deliver a lightweight, exceptionally comfortable helmet, which also performs very well in wind tunnel tests.

I have become a real fan of Smith's helmets; using their Overtake helmet for both everyday wear and on my two long distance bikepacking tours in the last two years — the #CelticCrossTrail and #RoadsFromRome. The Smith helmets are uniquely styled, but also have a clear focus on safety. They remain comfortable in a variety of weather conditions, and feature a number of genuinely useful design aspects.

The Smith Ignite MIPS helmet is designed as a dedicated aero road cycling helmet. It has been shaped to provide a slippery surface, and constructed using aerodynamically efficient Aerocore technology — which maximises air through-flow to offer maximum cooling, and a minimal drag factor.

The Aerocore technology combines an EPS foam skeleton with the unique Koroyd honeycomb-like material infilling the vents. The result is a construction that is exceptionally impact resistant, while also allowing airflow through the Koroyd filled vents. The technology really works — I have found Smith helmets that utilise it to be comfortable in a wide range of temperatures, thanks to the through air flow; while also feeling incredibly strong and robust in their construction.

Smith have not stopped at the unique Aerocore technology though, they have also used their AirEvac vents and MIPS technology to further improve comfort and protection. AirEvac vents refer to the strategic positioning of the eight vents around the aerodynamic frame of the Ignite helmet; to provide an efficient airflow through the design. MIPS technology is a third party technology for the internal cradle of the helmet, which allows for the helmet to move independently of the head in the event of an impact — thereby reducing torsional rotation on the brain.

Aside from the above safety and comfort features, Smith have also considered practical design features with the Ignite helmet. For example, the helmet pads use XT2 antibacterial treatment to reduce the chance of smelly helmet syndrome. The webbing straps are also made from a unique lightweight but super strong webbing, to improve comfort and minimise weight.

As a complete package, the Smith Ignite Aero Road Cycling Helmet is a product that pulls on the height of current industry technology to create an exceptionally comfortable, safe, and aerodynamically efficient helmet. It is one of the best cycling helmets I have worn — on everything from hot summer days, to days when autumn storms have battered me out on the road.

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 Smith Ignite Aero MIPS Road Cycling Helmet

 Smith Ignite Aero MIPS Road Cycling Helmet

 Smith Ignite Aero MIPS Road Cycling Helmet


  1. Smith isn't an Italian brand. They were founded in Idaho, USA and their current HQ is in Portland, Oregon, USA>

    1. Smith is owned by an italian company therefore an italian brand.


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