Review – Pro Bike Tool Insulated Bike Water Bottle

Pro Bike Tool Insulated Bike Water Bottle
Not all bicycle water bottles are made equal. In my opinion, you should look for a BPA free, insulated bottle; with a soft silicone mouthpiece and an easy to use and clean valve. The Pro Bike Tool Insulated Bike Water Bottle is a great example.

A bike water bottle should not be an expensive piece of kit, but ultimately you do get what you pay for. The Pro Bike Tool Insulated Bottle retails for £14.99 (although there are multi-buy savings and discount codes at present) — that is quite a price, but then this bottle does deliver a lot more than most simple bidons.

Firstly, consider the plastic that the bottle is made from — you want it to be soft and squeezable, but crucially it should be BPA free so that it does not leach harmful chemicals into your drinks.

Second, consider the mouthpiece on the bike bottle — you want it to be soft and easy to clean; so that you do not risk chipping teeth on it when you drink, and you can also clean the nozzle to avoid bacteria build-up.

Finally, you should consider an insulated bottle — in the summer time this keeps your drink cool, and will encourage you to drink more. In the winter, an insulated bottle helps to avoid bottles freezing at sub-zero temperatures (there is a time and place for Slush Puppies).

The Pro Bike Tool Insulated Bottle delivers on all of the above three points, as well as having a neat carrying loop that means you could clip it to the outside of a kit bag. It has not adopted any unpleasant taste even after extensive use, and it fits very well into all the bottle cages I have tried it with.

This is not the cheapest bike bottle on the market, but it will almost certainly out-last cheaper alternatives, and it will be more pleasant to use for the duration of its extended lifespan.

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Pro Bike Tool Insulated Bike Water Bottle

Pro Bike Tool provided with this product for testing and review


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