Review – Pro Bike Tool Shock Pump

Pro Bike Tool Shock Pump Review Tim Wiggins

A shock pump is an essential accessory for any modern mountain biker; allowing you to adjust the pressure in air-based suspension forks and rear shocks. The Pro Bike Tool Shock Pump is a smart, well-made, and affordable option.

I have been impressed by the quality of value of all the previous Pro Bike Tool products that I have tested to date: including their mini pumps, torque wrench, and Y-wrench workshop tool. Therefore, when I was on the lookout for a new shock pump to fine-tune the pressures on my Kona Hei Hei, the Pro Bike Tool offering looked like a great bet. I have not been disappointed.

The pump has a simple design; with a large analogue pressure dial, a flip-out T handle to allow for comfortable pumping, and a strong steel barrel that is capable of pumping up to 300 PSI.

The shock pump securely screws onto the Schrader valve core on a suspension fork or suspension shock, and then you simply pump to the recommended pressure for your weight. If you need to let pressure out from the set-up there is a small bleed button on the side of the pump head. Then when it comes to removing the pump, you avoid any leakage from the system by releasing the pressure from the pump unit first. using the red knob on the rear of the pump head; before then safely unscrewing the pump from the shock or suspension fork.

The overall quality and function of the Pro Bike Tool Shock Pump is impressive, and in line with my experience of the brand's other products, suggesting it will continue to last for many seasons of use. It is also a reasonable price at £24.99, and more competitively priced than many major rivals. A great value addition to any mountain biker's kit bag or tool box.

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Pro Bike Tool Shock Pump Review Tim Wiggins


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