Review – Token Products RoubX Prime Carbon Gravel Wheelset

Token Products RoubX Gravel Carbon Wheel Set
Gravel has become Monster Gravel. Cyclocross has morphed into CXtreme. XC courses are no longer distinguishable from Enduro. With the lines between disciplines becoming even more blurred, Token Products designed the RoubX wheelset – a 700c do-it-all carbon wheelset that supports anything from 700 x 30c to 29 x 2.1" tyres. Built on a super wide tubeless rim, with CX-RAY spokes – the ROUBX is light, stiff, and fast. Here is my test report and review…

When I consider the key attributes of a gravel bike wheelset, I think of strength, weight, rolling resistance, and aerodynamics—in that order. To fulfil the sought-after balance you need the right materials for rim, hub, and spokes; you need the right spoke lacing pattern; you need the right rim profile and depth; and you need a smooth running and durable hub at the heart of the wheel. The Token Products ROUBX wheels seem to tick a lot of these boxes, even just glancing down the spec's sheet…

A hooked 33 mm deep tubeless carbon rim is laced with a straight-pull 24 spoke count, in a two-cross pattern, to a compact hub with premium cartridge bearings. That, is a great start…

The above specs would be exactly what I would choose for a reliable and lightweight gravel wheel set. The numbers hit the balance exactly right, and the overall weight of these Token wheels comes in at 1568 grams—very respectable for an off-road wheelset.

Numbers are one thing, but attributes like durability, robustness, and stiffness can only be tested with repeat use and abuse out on the trails. I fitted the Token RoubX wheels to my Kona Sutra LTD 'Monster Gravel' bike, with a set of 50c Panaracer Tubeless GravelKing SK+ Tyres. Then, I went out and rode them BIG.

Over the last month of testing, I have taken the RoubX wheels on some serious rides. I have ridden fast on long windy roads, climbed on gear crunching off-road ascents, and torn downhill on trails that were so rutted and rocky that even an XC suspension bike would have been struggling.

The RoubX has excelled at everything. Sprinting on the road the wheels feel light and laterally stiff, allowing you to lay down the power without flex and wobble. On the hills, the lightweight carbon rims and low spoke count make a notable difference to how quickly the wheels accelerate. Then off-road, the 31 mm wide rims, run at a low tubeless tyre pressure (35 PSI), allow the tyre to conform to the terrain; supplying grip, comfort, and traction.

The above might seem like gushing praise, but these wheels really are quite exceptional—they are certainly one of the best sets of carbon hoops I have tested to date. They also seem to be standing the test of time—with the cartridge bearings still running silky smooth, and the wheels spinning as true as the day they came out of the box.

Token chose the right high-quality materials, the right spoke lay-up, the right rim profile, and the right builders to create a superb gravel bike wheelset. The Token RoubX Prime Wheels will turn your gravel bike into a go-anywhere speed machine.

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Token Products RoubX Gravel Carbon Wheel Set

Token Products RoubX Gravel Carbon Wheel Set

Token Products RoubX Gravel Carbon Wheel Set

Tim Wiggins Kona Sutra Ltd


  1. Hi, I'm interested to know what the internal width is? Thanks.

    1. Hi! Internal width is 25.3mm

    2. Thanks Tim.
      That's a decent width and I've always quite liked Token stuff. I followed the link and in the description it states CX-RAY spokes but in the spec list it says the spokes are Pillar Wing 14g? Either way it's looks like a bargain wheelset, and if they are CX-RAY spokes it's an even better bargain wheelset. Nice review.

    3. The graphic on the Token wheels, are they removable decals, or are they part of the carbon finish?

    4. I don't think you can remove the graphics from Token Carbon Wheels


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