Review – WTB Raddler TCS Light Tubeless Gravel Tyres

Review WTB Raddler Gravel Tyres | Tim Wiggins
The new WTB Raddler Gravel Tyres are the bigger brother of the well known WTB Riddler Tyres. They feature larger knobs and side lugs for improved grip and better traction on loose or muddy trails. On my recent XPDTN3 Algarviana bikepacking adventure in Portugal, I put the 700 x 40c tyres through their paces on the challenging terrain of the Algarve.

I have used the WTB Riddler tyres in 38c volume on a number of test bikes over the past few years. For light pea-sized gravel, they deliver the perfect balance between fast rolling speed and traction on forest tracks and dry dirt trails. Where the Riddler begins to struggle though, is when the rock size increases to more fist-sized gravel, or when the mud and slippery roots increase in number. This is where the Raddler enters…

The WTB Raddler uses larger depth knobs and larger side lugs, to provide more grip and traction for the tyre. The slightly larger 40c volume also provides more cushioning from impacts, and more comfort on rough terrain.

Over four days of bikepacking in the Algarve, I pushed the WTB Raddler to its limit on super steep and rocky ascents and descents; as well as searching for traction on wet river crossings, the occasional patch of mud, and deep sandy ruts.

I am pleased to say that the WTB Raddler tyres excelled. Over 500+ kilometres of testing confirmed that them as an excellent tyre choice for mixed surface riding. They provided grip and traction when called upon in some pretty challenging situations, and they proved resilient against punctures and cuts, even when taking on sharp rocky trails.

I ran the Raddler tyres tubeless, using Stan’s Sealant at 35-40 PSI. They are fully tubeless ready tires, and set up very easily on a pair of WTB tubeless wheels. I would recommend running all Gravel tyres with a tubeless setup; as with tubes there is a significant probability of pinch-flat puncturing due to large rock impacts. The Raddler tyres did puncture twice during testing, but both times the sealant effectively plugged the cuts.

Overall, the WTB Raddler tyres are a fast, grippy, and reliable gravel bike tyre. They deal well with a wide range of terrain types, and they can withstand challenging obstacles and potential punctures. They seem to be wearing well with continued use, and for their retail price they offer good value for money. A great development from the WTB brand.

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Review WTB Raddler Gravel Tyres | Tim Wiggins

Review WTB Raddler Gravel Tyres | Tim Wiggins


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