Review – JIMMYCASE iPhone 11 Wallet Phone Case

Jimmycase iPhone11 Pro Wallet Phone Case Review
Cyclists need a good phone case. We carry our phones with us as a lifeline and to capture and share the ever-evolving story of our rides. JIMMYCASE is a Californian brand that produce beautifully crafted handmade phone cases for iPhone and Android. Their unique design combines a real wood backplate, with rubber side buffers, and a unique super-elastic card sleeve on the rear. It is a winning design for the minimalist bike rider.

I have been searching for the perfect phone case for cyclists, and the JIMMYCASE makes my shortlist of the top three (reviews of the other two options coming soon—check out the label 'Phone-Cases').

What makes the JIMMYCASE a good phone case for cyclists?

Firstly, it is protective. Mobile phones are fragile things, and while most modern versions are waterproof, they still would not deal well with being dropped on the asphalt or trail. The JIMMYCASE is robust, rigid, and strong enough to shield your phone from drops and knocks. I admit I have not tested it to the limit (an iPhone is an expensive test dummy), but the case feels like it would absorb impacts and prevent damage.

Secondly, the JIMMYCASE is practical. The JIMMYCASE was founded by Dan Smith in Los Angeles, California—he made the first wallet case in 2014, in his garage. As a TV executive for PLAYBOY and AMERICAN GLADIATORS, Dan was frustrated by carrying a wallet in one pocket and phone in another. He loved premium materials like custom fabrics and real mahogany, so he created a unique design—the JIMMYCASE was born. The case can hold six cards and cash in the magic elastic sleeve, and you simply push up from the bottom of the sleeve to reveal the cards inside. Forget the wallet, and free up space in your jersey pockets.

Thirdly, the JIMMYCASE looks great. Cyclists know that style matters, and this case is a smart and stylish choice. Available in 16 distinctive styles—with different coloured wood backplates and elastic; there is a colour combo to suit every taste (or bike colour scheme). Each case is still handmade in California, so much like a custom-made bike no two are quite the same.

The JIMMYCASE is a robust, protective, practical, and stylish solution to safely carrying your phone with you on a ride. This is a first-class case for cyclists who want a slim-lined bumper case that will reduce the bulky items in their jersey pocket, while looking great at the café stop.

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Jimmycase iPhone11 Pro Wallet Phone Case Review

Jimmycase iPhone11 Pro Wallet Phone Case Review

Jimmycase iPhone11 Pro Wallet Phone Case Review

JIMMYCASE provided with a wallet phone case for testing and review


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