Review – BAM Bamboo Clothing Casual and Activewear

BAM Bamboo Clothing Tim Wiggins
I cannot remember the last time I wore a suit to work. My life off the bike is spent in trainers, walking shoes, or wetsuit boots. Often, I am in cycling jeans or sweatpants, accompanied by a down jacket or hoodie. The range of clothing from BAM Bamboo Clothing is my latest casual kit obsession; the brand makes beautifully soft bamboo activewear and casual wear. It is so good; you might never take it off.

Bamboo, like merino wool, is a favourite natural fabric of mine. It is sustainable, incredibly breathable, soft, stretchy, and surprisingly durable.

My top two pieces of kit from BAM are the Urban Bamboo Jogger Sweatpants and the Jersey Active Bamboo Hoody. I practically live in these.

The sweatpants are a classic tapered leg design, with wide comfortable ankle cuffs and waistband. The hoodie has a close-fitting articulated cut, with a handy zippered chest pocket and side hand pockets, thumb loops, and a little bit of elastic stretch for active use.

Bamboo is a beautiful fabric, and these products have a softness and comfort level that I have not found in other active wear. Crucial for the BAM brand though, are the eco credentials of the material…

Bamboo absorbs five times more carbon than hardwood trees; it needs half the land cotton needs to produce the same amount of fibre, and it does not need irrigation or pesticides. These properties make bamboo a super-sustainable fabric.

BAM Bamboo Clothing are striving to be an Impact Positive company. They have the aim of a zero-carbon footprint by 2030. They also follow strict fair pay standards from grower to delivery, and aim for zero landfill, zero pollution and zero wasted water by 2030—applicable to every process from the growing of the bamboo, to manufacture, and recycling. These are impressive eco-credentials and make them a brand I am keen to support and showcase.

So, in a time when we are all lounging around at home a bit more, but also looking to stay active; consider what kind of casual wear you are pulling on. There are few outfits as comfortable, practical, and eco-conscious as the BAM range.

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BAM Bamboo Clothing Tim Wiggins

BAM Bamboo Clothing Tim Wiggins

BAM Bamboo Clothing Tim Wiggins

BAM Bamboo Clothing Tim Wiggins

BAM Clothing provided with some clothing samples for test and review


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