5 Best Sugru Hacks and Fixes for Cyclists

5 Best Sugru Hacks and Fixes for Cyclists
Sugru is an amazing mouldable glue. Out of the packet it looks and feels a bit like Play-Doh, but then once moulded into shape it sets solid in 24 hours; creating a strong and slightly flexible bond on all manner of base materials. These are my five top uses for Sugru in the cycling world—some great hacks and fixes for cyclists.

Shoe Vents

If like me, you suffer from cold feet when cycling, then blocking up those 'cooling' vents on the bottom of your cycling shoes is a sensible start to solving the problem. You can tape over the sole vents, but it will not stay put for long on wet winter rides; Sugru offers a far more permanent plug, and one that can be easily chiselled out if you need some summer foot ventilation after the cold months have passed.

Light Buttons

Another area that I have discovered suffers from water ingress on extremely wet winter rides, are the buttons on your cycling lights. I have had several lights fail on me because of water ingress, and the culprit has been damaged rubber buttons on the top of lights. Sealing round the button with Sugru—leaving the top of the button still exposed so you can press it—is a great fix.

Cable Ports

A third problem area that can suffer from water ingress is the cable ports on your frame; both on wet rides and during bike washing these can let in water that then sits in the frame and causes corrosion and damage.

Using Sugru to mould around the cables can help to seal out the spray—both on used ports and cable ports that might be redundant because of a 1X set-up. Sugru comes in several assorted colours, so you can find a discrete colour match to your frame. Should you need to remove it, it is easy to pop it out with a sharpened spoke end.

Sugru Cable Ports

Computer Mounts

I like having a computer on an out-front mount and had invested in a lot of these when I was using a Garmin. Unfortunately, when I made the switch to a Wahoo ELEMNT, all those computer mounts were redundant… until Sugru came along. I have Sugru'ed on the stem mounts supplied with the Wahoo ELEMNT to the base of several out-front mounts—making them usable with the Wahoo units.

Bottle Cage Buffers

If like me you use a metal bottle (such as the Elite Thermo Deboyo Bottle) on some of your rides, then you will know of the annoying clinking sound it makes in a plastic bottle holder. A little Sugru goes a long way to helping you keep your sanity...

Sugru Bottle Cage

Five Sugru Hacks and Fixes for Cyclists. Do you have any further ideas?
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