Review – Suplest Crosscountry Edge+ Pro Off-Road Cycling Shoes

Suplest Cross Country Pro Mountain Bike Shoes Tim Wiggins
My first pair of full-carbon road cycling shoes came from Suplest—they were superb. The Swiss brand paused distribution to the UK for some time, but now they are back; with that, the Suplest Crosscountry Edge+ Pro Off-Road Cycling Shoes, featuring BOA's new IP1 closure system, flashed up on my radar as a strong candidate for the top spot in the gravel and off-road cycling shoe category.

The Swiss always seem to make exceptional kit. It is a cliché—but it is true, in my opinion: Motorex—the best bicycle cleaners and lubes; Victorinox—the best knives in the world; SwissStop—the best brake pads in the world. The country prides itself on first-class workmanship, which shines through in the attention to detail in design, and in the faultless execution of their products. Suplest, is no exception…

The new Suplest Crosscountry Edge+ Pro Off-Road Cycling Shoes take an innovative approach to fit and function—helped in no small part by great collaborations with BOA dials, Solestar insoles, and SUPtraction soles.

Fit is everything with cycling shoes—they should fit like a glove. The better the fit, the better the power transfer, the better the foot support, and the lower the risk of injury. The most critical area of fit is to ensure the ankle and arch of the foot are locked in place—creating a stable connection between foot and pedal. To achieve this, the shoe must supply a stable footbed for the arch, as well as a strong wrap over the navicular (mid-foot).

The Suplest Crosscountry Edge+ Pro Off-Road Cycling Shoes use a combination of a BOA micro-lacing system, an asymmetric ANATOMICWRAP overlapping closure, and a supportive Solestar insole—working together to create an exceptional fit.

Your foot is placed on the stable Solestar insole (read my review of Solestar Insoles here). The 'wrap' then consists of two of BOA's IP1 lace dials on a CARBONSHIELD—this is a thin carbon layer that spreads the pressure of the laces. The semi-rigid carbon layer provides a powerful support for the arch of the foot, whilst the BOA dial system allows for a volume closure with millimetre adjustment increments—creating the perfect tailored fit

The carbon fibre last is the core of the Suplest Crosscountry Edge+ Pro Shoes; featuring their ERGO360 concept to create a powerful platform that ensures maximum performance. The rubber sole of the last is then a collaboration with leading brand SUPtraction—a super grippy compound that gives you a firm footing in the wet and dry.

Taken as a complete package, the Suplest Crosscountry Edge+ Pro Cycling Shoes are exceptional.

Thanks to collaborations with leading partner brands, the Suplest team have created a shoe that is supportive and powerful; with your foot braced against a superb insole, and enclosed by a BOA lacing system and carbon wrap that give the shoe uppers a second-skin feel. On the outsole, the carbon last supplies the stiffness, and the SUPtraction lugs deliver grip when you are off the bike.

Outstanding support, comfort, and performance—this is another industry-leading Swiss product, and the best mountain biking shoe I have tested to date.

Fit Guidance – I tested the size EU45 Suplest Crosscountry Edge+ Pro Off-Road Cycling Shoes, and they have a similar fit to the same size in Sidi, Giro, and Lake cycling shoes. I find these to be a slightly tighter fit than Giro or DMT cycling shoes.

Suplest Cross Country Pro Mountain Bike Shoes Tim Wiggins

Suplest Cross Country Pro Mountain Bike Shoes Tim Wiggins

Suplest Cross Country Pro Mountain Bike Shoes Tim Wiggins

BOA Cycling provided with a pair of Suplest Cross Country Pro MTB Shoes for test and review


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