Review – Pro Bike Tool 3/8 Inch Drive Click 10 to 60 Newton Meter Torque Wrench Set

Pro Bike Tool 3/8 Inch Drive Click 10 to 60 Newton Meter Torque Wrench Set
Sometimes you need BIG Torque. This torque wrench from Pro Bike Tool is a high-torque specification; capable of accurately delivering 10 to 60 Newton meters (88 to 530-inch pounds) torque, with micro-adjustments down to 0.5 Nm. This is the ideal tool for safely installing bottom brackets, cassette lock rings, crank sets, pedals, and disc brake rotors.

The Pro Bike Tool 3/8 Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench Set removes the guesswork from high torque installations. The tool is simple to use – it comes with a 3/8" to ¼" adaptor, a 3/8" to ½" adaptor, and a 75 mm extension bar; so you can simply fit your existing standard torque wrench bits into the tool (read my review of Pro Bike Tool's 1/4 Inch Drive 2 to 20 Nm Click Torque Wrench Set here).

You adjust the torque setting using the spring-loaded adjustment collar, and the wrench locks onto the selected torque setting to ensure there is no accidental adjustment. The two-way ratchet wrench then emits a click that can be heard and felt when the pre-set torque value is reached—alerting you to stop applying force.

Like other Pro Bike Tool products that I have tested, the quality of this torque wrench is professional grade. The product provides you with confidence that you are not going to damage components or your frame when installing and removing items. The two-way ratchet is particularly useful for applications such as suspension fork servicing, and the extension bar is great for those hard to reach places.

Another superb piece of kit from Pro Bike Tool that should have a place in every home mechanic's arsenal.

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Pro Bike Tool provided with a product for test and review


  1. The Pro Bike Tool torque wrench is a treat for any tool guru or bike shop mechanic. This high-quality torque wrench is available in two drive sizes (¼” & ¾” drive) with torque specifications ranging from 2 to 60Nm. I recently acquire these wrenches and I am extremely happy with the superior quality, durability and simplicity of operation. The wrench quality is second to none. I highly recommend them from personal experience. A missing C clip was the only minor issue I had with the wrench. However, when reported this was taken care of immediately by dedicated customer support member Chris. The Pro Bike Tool customer support team was extremely helpful and provided daily notifications until the issue was resolved. It was refreshing to see that after the sale; customer service received from the Pro Bike Tool outfit was nothing short of OUTSTANDING. Don’t take my word for it, get online and experience it for yourself.
    Satisfied customer Bert, Pennsylvania (USA)


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