Review – Teravail Washburn Tubeless Gravel Tyres

Teravail Washburn Tubeless Gravel Tyres
The Washburn gravel tyres from Teravail are designed to be a fast-rolling gravel tyre; built for dusty hard-packed summer trails, but also at home on the backroads and cycle paths of a city commute or mixed-surface cycle tour.

The Washburn tyres feature a slick central strip that minimizes rolling resistance for greater speed. On the sides, transition knobs and raised side lugs then help to supply cornering traction and grip.

I have been testing the 700 x 38c version of the Teravail Washburn, and have been impressed by the speed, light weight (600 grams), durability, and the resilience to punctures. I have been running the tyres tubeless at around 42/45PSI pressure.

The Washburn proves to be the ideal tyre for real mixed-surface summer riding. They feel fast on the road but can also manage the rough stuff—finding traction on loose gravel and compacted mud.

My testing has been mostly on dry summer trails, and I can foresee that the Teravail Washburn would struggle if things were to get looser and stickier in the winter months; but then that is a classic case of 'horses for courses' —something that is very relevant for tyres.

It is worth noting that the Washburn is also available in a larger 700 x 42c version if you want more volume, cushioning, and grip; there is also a 650b x 47c version for those with the smaller wheel size.

Easy to mount up tubeless, fast and fun to ride, hassle-free to maintain. The Teravail Washburn gravel tyres are an excellent choice for mixed-surface summer gravel riding.

Teravail Washburn Tubeless Gravel Tyres

Teravail Washburn Tubeless Gravel Tyres

Teravail Washburn Tubeless Gravel Tyres

Disclaimer: Teravail supplied a set of Teravail Washburn Tubeless Gravel Tyres for test and review


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