Review – Crankalicious Bike Frame Cleaners and Polish

Not all bike cleaners are made equal. A bike wash should be effective, kind to the environment, and easy to use (kind to the user). There are plenty of harsh chemical cleaners out there, but most of them are not gentle on your bike, your garden, or your hands. The range from Crankalicious is premium level bike care; made to be effective, but friendly. I have been testing out their frame cleaning and polishing solution...

Split out by the four products I tested from the Crankalicious range, here is my review.

Crankalicious Mud Honey Foaming Bucket Wash First up, the Mud Honey Foaming Bucket Wash. This is a PH neutral wash that functions like your traditional bike or car wash; pour a couple of capfuls into a bucket and then fill it up with water. Grab a sponge, and rub over all areas of the bike to remove dried on mud and dirt.

Mud Honey works a treat, and it is kind on your bike and your hands; while effectively removing even stubborn caked-on brake dust and grime.

Crankalicious Pinea…

Review – Pro Bike Tool Insulated Bike Water Bottle

Not all bicycle water bottles are made equal. In my opinion, you should look for a BPA free, insulated bottle; with a soft silicone mouthpiece and an easy to use and clean valve. The Pro Bike Tool Insulated Bike Water Bottle is a great example.

A bike water bottle should not be an expensive piece of kit, but ultimately you do get what you pay for. The Pro Bike Tool Insulated Bottle retails for £14.99 (although there are multi-buy savings and discount codes at present) — that is quite a price, but then this bottle does deliver a lot more than most simple bidons.

Firstly, consider the plastic that the bottle is made from — you want it to be soft and squeezable, but crucially it should be BPA free so that it does not leach harmful chemicals into your drinks.

Second, consider the mouthpiece on the bike bottle — you want it to be soft and easy to clean; so that you do not risk chipping teeth on it when you drink, and you can also clean the nozzle to avoid bacteria build-up.

Finally, you s…

Review – Juice Lubes Matt Finish Frame Detailer Bike Polish

Anyone that owns a matt finish bike frame will know that the surface is a bit of a pain to get an equal polish finish. Both my titanium Kona Rove and black Kona Private Jake have matte finishes, so the Matt Finish Frame Detailer from UK brand Juice Lubes was an interesting new release...

The blueberry scented bio-degradable frame polish gives a great quality finish to matt plastics, paintwork, and raw metal components and frames. It leaves a great shine, and a protective film that makes dirt slide off the surface — making the next cleaning round that bit easier.

A great product as we head into the winter months of constant bike cleaning...

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Review – NiteRider Sentinel 250 Rear Bike Light

I am a strong advocate of daytime running lights on bicycles all year round; but with the darkness drawing in, it is even more important to invest in good bike lights. The NiteRider Sentinel 250 is an innovative and powerful rear bike light that combines lasers with LED technology to create your own 'bike lane' on the road, as well as give brilliant rear visibility.

I have been using NiteRider bike lights for a number of years, and the NiteRider Solas 150 Rear Light that I reviewed back in 2017 is still a popular choice in my arsenal. The brand produces well-made, long-lasting, and reliable lights; which is why when I saw the innovative new Sentinel 250 released, I could see it could well become a new go-to option.

The NiteRider Sentinel 250 adopts a unique dual lighting approach: first, a set of high power LEDs pump out a fierce 250 lumens (maximum) to give you great rear visibility; then, on the base of the light two lasers create an illuminated 'bike lane' on the …

Review – Smith Ignite Aero MIPS Road Cycling Helmet

The Smith Ignite is a cycling helmet that looks fast, feels fast, and provides impressive protection for your head. The Italian brand has utilised the latest in material technologies to deliver a lightweight, exceptionally comfortable helmet, which also performs very well in wind tunnel tests.

I have become a real fan of Smith's helmets; using their Overtake helmet for both everyday wear and on my two long distance bikepacking tours in the last two years — the #CelticCrossTrail and #RoadsFromRome. The Smith helmets are uniquely styled, but also have a clear focus on safety. They remain comfortable in a variety of weather conditions, and feature a number of genuinely useful design aspects.

The Smith Ignite MIPS helmet is designed as a dedicated aero road cycling helmet. It has been shaped to provide a slippery surface, and constructed using aerodynamically efficient Aerocore technology — which maximises air through-flow to offer maximum cooling, and a minimal drag factor.

The Aer…