Review: Commuting: Lifeventure Thermal Mug

The morning before a race, or just a standard morning in the office can be a big rush, especially when you are run down from training and struggle to rise from a deep exercise induced coma. One thing that many cyclists rely on is their coffee caffeine kick to get them up and going in the morning. To read about just how embedded the drink is in the cycling culture have a read of my blog:
Coffee - The Life Blood of Cyclists.

Coffee isn't the same if it's cold though, or if you have to gulp it down as you rush out of the house. A thermal mug is a great idea then; letting you take your kick-starter with you as you head to your destination. This thermal vacuum mug from Lifeventure is a great example, particularly suited to cyclists as it fits neatly into a bike bottle cage.

The mug has a tough metal casing and a pressure release screw top cap. It takes 300 ml of fluid, which is a perfect quantity for a good sized cup of coffee. It does a great job of keeping it warm as well; I've taken the mug with me on the bike in cold conditions and the contents has still been warm over three hours later!

To add an extra element to the thermal mug you can couple it with the neat and very well made mug-jacket. This has the dual benefit of protecting the mug from drops and bumps, whilst also giving it extra insulation. Because the mug is a screw fix cap, it is completely water tight, and I have used the jacket and mug combo to take a hot drink to an event, and have been very impressed by how long the coffee has stayed hot for when sat in my kit bag as we travel around the country.

It's not just commuting and race events where the mug is great though. Its robust design makes it ideal for touring trips, and it is something that I wish I had on the France and Spain trip that I did in 2011. Make a mug of coffee before you leave the camp site in the morning and have it a few hours later sat in the sun half way up a mountain... can't ask for a much better combo than that! It will certainly be coming with me on my Le Havre to Florence tour this September.

Overall, a very well made and effective mug, with the added benefit of extra insulation and protection from its insulated jacket. Make sure you are always able to enjoy your coffee at your leisure.

Lifeventure Thermal Mug available at Wiggle Bike Shop (Link)


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