Review: Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream and Hand Cream

Chamois cream is something that seems to be increasingly necessary for me when I ride the bike; it certainly makes those hours in saddle a lot more comfortable, and is a sure-fire way to get rid of saddle sores. For the  last few weeks I've been using the Udderly Smooth Chamois cream on my nether-regions when I go out for a ride, and have also been very impressed by their hand cream to stop cracked hands in the cold weather.

Udderly Smooth are a US brand, which is available in the UK through select distributors; it produces body lotions, foot creams and most importantly for cyclists, moisturisers and chammy cream. I've been pleased by both the hand cream and chamois cream I've had on trial.

Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream
Providing some moisturising chamois cream to your under-carriage is often all it takes to overcome saddle sore.
(For more tips on how to cure saddle sore see my blog:
Hints and Tips: Saddle Sore Prevention and Cure).

This lightly scented moisturising cream from Udderly Smooth is a great example of effective chamois cream. It is thick, though not the thickest cream I have tried; but thick enough to stay put where you want it for a good few hours in the saddle. It is also light enough and pleasantly scented (with Shea butter), to make it useful for applying to any other areas that you might get chaffing in, such as your armpits.

Coming in a big 227 gram pot, the Udderly Smooth Chamois cream presents great value. The thickness of the cream also means you don't need to use a huge quantity, which makes the pot go further and presents it as even better value. Forget those small tubes or pots of chamois cream that you find in some stores, or as complementary additions with shorts, this bulk buy is the way to go.

The cream doesn't have any anti-bacterial properties like some other chamois creams, so it may not be so suitable for touring for example. However, if you are able to ensure that you keep that area clean and use fresh shorts each day, then this should be less of a necessity anyway.

A great chamois cream that is very good value and effective for long hours in the saddle, yet light enough that you could use it as a general moisturiser and anti-chafing cream.
Available from Wiggle Bike Shop (Link)

Udderly Smooth Hand Cream
The winter is hard on your hands as a cyclist; cold weather dries them out, and hours of maintenance and washing dirty bikes can leave them chapped and sore. Don't think that moisturiser is just for girls, this one from Udderly Smooth is lightly scented and very much suitable for even the most masculine cyclist.

The cream is a smooth, non-greasy moisturiser; healing broken skin and sealing up cracked hands that can let in all kinds of nasty infections and chemicals. A small squirt from the tube will leave your hands feeling much better and enhance the natural barrier to bacteria that your skin provides.

It comes in a 4 oz tube or a huge 340 gram pot for those looking for added value. It really is a pleasure to use, and could be used as an all body or face moisturiser as well. A great product to keep to hand to ensure that your skin is soft, smooth and most importantly providing a safety barrier to infection.
Available from Wiggle Bike Shop (Link)


  1. I have used this for the past 4 years on long distance riding/touring and have never suffered.

    I too like all the qualities stated above and now wont look anywhere else,

    I have never found the need for "antibacterial" even camping there is always a shower available which means even with only two pairs of shorts wash one wear one.

  2. The problem comes when you do unsupported wild camping touring, such as the France and Spain tour that I did in 2011. Washing your kit in rivers and often putting shorts on slightly damp in the morning means they act as a potential breeding ground for bacteria.

    If you have the luxury of "always having a shower available" then anti-bacterial properties may not be necessary. Although if you are spending up to 9 hours a day in shorts, I would still be in favour of using anti-bacterial cream, as that is sufficient time for bacteria to build up even in shorts that were clean when you put them on in the morning.


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