Review: Phew CC Early Winter Gloves

Phew CC is a new UK-based brand, breaking into the market with some good quality well priced kit; including gloves, arm warmers and tees. I've had the Phew CC Early Winter Gloves on test for a week or so now and they seem like a good, versatile piece of kit.

Spring is on its way, we hope, and the Early Winter Gloves are just as suited to Late Winter as well; making an ideal glove for the chilly and potentially wet spring mornings.

The recommended temperature range for the Phew gloves is 3-12 degrees, I reckon that is pretty accurate, they've kept my hands warm and dry on quite a few rides recently when the temperature has fallen to within a few degrees of zero. That makes them an ideal cross-over glove between your thick winter gloves, and your short finger summer mitts.

The top of the gloves is made of the wind and semi-waterproof Windster fabric; it is very effective at keeping the chill off your hands, whilst also being incredibly breathable and stopping you getting sweaty palms. The sizing is close-fitting and true to the size chart, yet the Windster fabric is stretchy enough that you can fit a pair of merino liner gloves on underneath to add some extra warmth when required.

The material is light and far less bulky that out-and-out winter gloves; the result is that you get a lot more 'feel' through your fingers and the rubberised finger tips hold your control indexes firmly in place even on wet and slippery gear levers. The silicone grippers cover the gel padding on the hands as well; giving you a secure feeling, with adequate padding to provide comfort on even the roughest terrain.

One feature that I particularly like about the Phew CC gloves is the long cuffs; they slide right up inside your long-sleeved spring jersey and prevent the chill getting in, whilst also helping keep your wrists warm. This is a vital component of keeping your hands warm, and one over-looked by many glove manufacturers; by keeping your wrists warm you protect the many exposed blood vessels in this area that channel blood to your hands. The micro-fleece thumb wipe is a nice feature as well; soft and smooth to wipe away those ice crystals building up on your glasses and nose.

At £24.99 for a pair, the Phew CC gloves present incredible value, and certainly seem to be lasting well; they have been through a couple of wash cycles and are still looking strong.

Overall, a great pair of gloves for your money for the autumn and spring weather. Comfortable to wear for hours on end, and versatile when coupled with a pair of liner gloves. They are wind-proof, semi-waterproof and warm because of the long cuffs and fleece lining. I've worn them in some challenging training and racing conditions (Link), and they have kept my hands warm even when the rest of my body has been frozen.

A well thought-out and very competitively priced product from an up and coming new brand.

The gloves can be bought direct from Phew CC at


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