Review: Mucky Nutz Fender Set

Mountain Bike mudguards come in many shapes and sizes, and there are varying opinions on their necessity  looks and effectiveness. "They don't look cool, dude". "You're going to have to walk through mud at the gates anyway". "You're still going to have to wash your bike off". These are all excuses that I've heard for not fitting fenders to a mountain bike, but in truth they really are a useful bit of kit; keeping you drier, keeping mud out of your eyes, and protecting components on your bike.

Mucky Nutz is a UK based company that has come up with an ingenious set of guards that are more discrete, better looking and more aerodynamic than your standard off-road fenders; yet they still do a sterling job of keeping you dry. Since I've been back on the Isle of Wight I've fitted them on the On One Whippet and have been putting them to the test. Here are my thoughts on their three incredible value guards that I reckon will change the way mountain bike mudguards are seen in the future.

The Bender Fender
The majority of mud that hits your face when you are riding comes from your front wheel; it flies up through the fork stanchions and then flies back into your face because of the induced wind that you are creating. I've previously used neo-guards to overcome this problem, but they are both rather un-aerodynamic and they don't last very well, not to mention most of them are pretty overpriced.

The Bender Fender provides the solution. A single sheet of thermoplastic, the fender attaches to the fork stanchions and bridge using supplied velcro straps or cable ties. It stays securely in place, it is aerodynamic and it works! I've had a noticeable reduction in the amount of crud hitting my face, compared to both a situation without a fork guard and compared to a neo guard. There isn't much more to say really; this thing works, and at less than a tenner a pop they present great value!

The Gut Fender
Having water hitting your chest is a sure-fire way of cooling your core temperature down rapidly, so the Gut Fender really comes into its own in the wet conditions.

Again, it is made of a single sheet of contoured thermoplastic, which is attached using two strong velcro straps, and stays in place thanks to two little rubber grippers that contact the frame.

The fender does a fantastic job; keeping the muck off you, your water bottle, and saving your frame from paint chips as well. With another £8.99 price tag it is money well spent in the British weather.

The Butt Fender
That mud slick up the back of your shorts isn't a good look, some of those descents were bad, but they weren't that scary!

Avoid the soiled pants look with a Butt Fender, the last in the Mucky Nutz Trilogy. This little number fits securely onto the saddle rails through simple punched holes. It bends down tactically as well so that it protects the seat post clamp as well which is handy.

You don't notice it's there at all, unlike many rear fenders that flap around and make a racket. The Butt Fender does a great job of keeping you back side dry, and helps to keep you warm in doing so, it has the added benefit of keeping grit out of your chamois as well; that is never pleasant.

Taken as a complete package, the Mucky Nutz Trilogy is a great package; they are lightweight, discrete, look good and are a great price. Well worth investing in for UK mountain biking.


  1. I run all 3 of these and am most impressed with them!

  2. These are marvelously fantabulous. Run a bender and prefer it over a Neoguard ANY day.


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