Review: Repack Berino Long Sleeve Jersey

Repack is a new UK based brand, currently putting all its efforts into making their unique Berino jersey a success. It really is something quite special.

Most regular readers will know how much I advocate merino wool over synthetic fabrics; its warm, soft and highly breathable, not to mention it doesn't retain odours like polyester. The Berino jersey contains not just merino but also bamboo (Berino – see what they did there!). One of our team sponsors Rapanui produces bamboo tees, so I was aware of the softness and comfort that the material provides; it was no surprise then that the Berino felt like a great product when I pulled it on a few weeks ago to start testing.

Aimed at the mountain bike market, the Berino is a close fitting cut with a full length zip and a high collar. It has one small central rear pocket, and two larger zippered pockets that are big enough to stash a good bit of kit in, whilst being tactfully out of the way of a hydration pack sat in the middle of your back.

The deep blue colour with its darker elbow patches and bright orange zipper are a touch of class, but also practical for not showing up the mud spray. Those darker elbow patches are a wise addition as well; helping to protect the soft material from stray brambles and occasional falls, and ensuring that the jersey will stay looking good for a long time.

The Berino retails at £70, which for some may seem quite steep; but for the quality of the materials and the feel and performance of the product it is a price worth paying in my opinion. In addition, the Berino is lasting incredibly well; put through multiple wash cycles and hours of mud spray and rain, it still looks great. Unlike cheaper merino products it has not bobbled or thinned with age; it is clearly a good quality mix of fibres.

Designed for spring and autumn riding, the Berino whilst long sleeve, is not overly thick and the bamboo and merino mix make it highly breathable. To increase its versatility, I have worn it under a short sleeve jersey and/or a gilet, its softness makes it great for this base-layer role as well as for being worn as a principal jersey; it is very comfortable and warm worn close to the skin.

Overall, this really is a great top for mountain bikers (or road cyclists for that matter); it will keep you in comfort for long hours in the saddle in spring, autumn and on summer evenings. It would make an ideal top for an endurance rider: putting up with the rigours of heavy use, whilst also keeping you warm in challenging conditions. Invest in some natural fibres and you will feel the benefits for many seasons to come.

The jerseys can be bought from select retailers, or direct from Repack at:


  1. Hi Tim, i love Bamboo and Merino so putting the two together is a great idea ! The £70 price seems VFM for a long sleeve jersey using merino.It looks a really nice jersey but it would be nice if they did a road jersey with 3 standard pockets at the back though ? This is definitely one for the shopping list !

  2. Hi David, I was pleasantly surprised how practical the three zippered pockets are for road riding; they are quite deep and angled, so you can just have them unzipped all the time and things won't come out (at least trustworthy enough for gels and bars etc.). It is a great product, I've barely stopped using it since I've had it on test. :-)


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