​Muc-Off Bike Cleaning and Care Essentials

​Muc-Off Bike Cleaning and Care Essentials
When it comes to bike cleaning and care, it pays to do a proper job. Those shiny disc brakes and that well oiled chain, will perform better, and last longer, than gritty or rusty counterparts.

Bike cleaning is an investment in time, to get a better return for your investments in bike and training. To make the process of bike cleaning easier and faster though, it is also worth investing in good quality cleaning and protection products, like those from Muc-Off.

Degrease it... with Muc-Off Bike Drivetrain Cleaner

Your cleaning should start with a thorough degrease of your chain, cassette, chain rings, and jockey wheels. Removing all the dried-on lube will also take with it the grit, grime and dust that it is sticking to your chain and gear components. The Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner makes the job a lot easier; you can spray it on, give the components a good scrub (an old toothbrush is ideal), and then wash the muck off.

Clean it... with Muc-Off Nano-Tech Bike Cleaner

Once you've cleaned the chain, move to the other components of the bike. Wet the surfaces, and spray on some Muc-Off Nano-Tech Bike Cleaner. Sponge or scrub all parts, then wash it off thoroughly. Using a dedicated bike cleaning product will avoid damaging the paintwork and finish of your frame and bike parts.

Get it shiny... with Muc-Off Bike Spray

To give your bike frame and drivetrain a sparkle, and to help future dirt slide off, use a post-wash polish like Muc-Off Bike Spray. After thoroughly rinsing and drying the bike, spray this just on the frame and gears (NOT on the brakes, discs or rims!), and polish with a soft cloth.

Re-lube it... with Muc-Off Team Sky Hydrodynamic Chain Lube

Finally, get that chain running silky smooth and silent again - with a careful application of quality bike lubricant. The chain lube needs to penetrate between all moving surfaces on the chain - to provide the optimal reduction in friction and wear. To facilitate this, Muc-Off supply a little UV torch with their Muc-Off Team Sky Hydrodynamic Chain Lube, which helps to illuminate where the chain lube has penetrated. The Hydrodynamic lube itself is one of the best I've tried - I had it on my chain for the 'Coasts and Cols' tour, and I didn't have to re-lube or clean it for the entire 1,900 kilometre trip, despite plenty of adverse weather conditions.

When you have finished your Muc-Off Nanotech Bike Cleaner, cut down the bottle to make a mudflap - It will help to keep the Muc Off!


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