Review - Backcountry Research Hypalon Mutherload Strap

Backcountry Research Hypalon Mutherload
I was pretty happy with my carry set-up for the 'Coasts and Cols' tour; the pannier, seat pack, handlebar bag and frame bag combination worked very well at creating a balanced and practical set-up. However, there were two elements that niggled on my OCD side a bit - my tool kit and spare tyre, which were strapped to the underside of my Restrap Seatpack.

I used pedal toe straps to attach the spare tyre to the seat pack's base; then my tool kit was housed inside my Arkel Saddle Bag - also strapped to the seat pack's straps. Nothing fell off, but the tyre did have a habit of slipping down, and pushing on my Tate Labs Rain Fly Mudguard - making it rub on the rear tyre (horrendous noise!); it also just looked a bit untidy.

I found myself thinking of alternative carry solutions for these two items… I decided the best option for future tours, would be to find somewhere else to house the tool kit - perhaps in a pannier pocket or handlebar bag pocket. Then, I thought the best option for the spare tyre, would be to strap it to the underside of the downtube (where you might normally have a third bottle cage holder on a touring bike).

I was happy with my luggage set up for the 'Coasts and Cols', all except the strapping of kit to the seat pack

Strapping the spare tyre on the downtube would put it out of sight and out of mind, and it didn't matter if it got bombarded with spray. I wasn't sure how I would strap it there though, and the only thing I could think of, that wouldn't slip down the diagonal, was some duct tape… not exactly stylish. Then, I discovered the range of straps from American brand Backcountry Research…

These carry straps are designed to secure tools, tubes and spares to your bike's frame; holding them in place with strong Velcro, and protecting your frame with a grippy rubber strap coating. The biggest strap in the range - the Hypalon Mutherload, looked like the perfect thing to provide a 'stick like s**t' solution for my downtube tyre strapping.

The strap holds a tyre, tube, levers, pump or CO2 canisters in under two strong pieces of shock cord; then you strap the package to the frame using the industrial strength Velcro strapping. The strapping is coated in a 'grip-strip' - so it stays put and doesn't mark or damage the frame. The whole design is a hell of a lot easier than using pedal straps, and is super well made (by hand in the USA).

I think you'd agree that this set up is a hell of a lot better than duct tape or elastic bands, and it makes for a really neat way of housing spares and accessories for mountain biking, bikepacking and touring.

The Backcountry Research Hypalon Mutherload is available from (Link)
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Backcountry Research Hypalon Mutherload Strap
Safe and secure - the Backcountry Research Hypalon Mutherload is a great way to carry kit

Backcountry Research Hypalon Mutherload Strap
The grippy rubber on the inside of the Hypalon strap stops the frame from getting marked, and also helps to grip


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