Review - Spoke Bulletproof Chinos

Spoke trousers featured here on Life In The Saddle last year, when I reviewed the superb Spoke Flex Chinos; they proved to be a pair of trousers that were just at home in the saddle, as they would be on a formal night out. This year, Spoke has re-released their famed 'Bulletproof Chinos', with a number of twists that make them even more suited to life on two wheels. I thought they were worth a look!

Build quality

'Bulletproof' is something that most cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts like the sound of... not because we tend to be in the firing range, thankfully; but because it would be safe to assume that something that can withstand bullets, should be able to withstand the rigours of outdoor pursuits. OK, so the Spoke Bulletproof Chinos probably (definitely) aren't actually bulletproof; even less so than Kevlar puncture protection strips... however, they are stunningly well made, and built to last.

From the moment you unbox a pair of trousers from Spoke, they signal quality. The seams, stitching, cut and fabric all suggest a product that has been made with care and attention to detail.

Cycling chinos

So, what makes the Spoke Bulletproof Chinos cycling specific?

The starting point has to be the water and dirt repellent fabric. British roads, and particularly inner city roads, are a minefield of dirt and grime. Add precipitation to the mix, and your pristine work trousers aren't going to enjoy the outcome when you cycle in them. The water and dirt repellent fabric in the Spoke Bulletproof Chinos means that the water beads up, and slides off; helping you to stay looking smart. They aren't waterproof trousers, and thankfully don't look like them either; this is hidden and discrete, but highly useful protection from the elements.

Starting at the waistbelt, the conscious 'activewear' design of the Spoke Bulletproof Chinos continues. You get a slightly rubberised gripper inside the waistbelt, which stops any uncomfortable gap. Then, Spoke has cut the Bulletproof chinos with an added "rise" on the waistband, to help ensure your shirt is kept stowed away whilst you ride.

From waistbelt, to pocketing. With the Bulletproof chinos, you get the pockets you'd expect on a pair of formal chinos; but with a bit of added cycling utility! On the right hand side front pocket, there is an additional zippered pocket, that is ideal for small valuables - no more phones flying out of pockets inconspicuously (it happened to me last month)! Then, on the rear right hand pocket, you get a little pull-out reflective tab; helping to increase your visibility in city traffic. Well thought-out features!

Finally, Spoke has of course integrated the classic reflective roll-up on the Bulletproofs. The neat reflective material on the outside leg of the trouser hem, ensures that you have more road presence, without the need for tacky reflective ankle bands.

A cyclists' cut

All of the above features and fabric have been tailored into a chino that is cut to a very personal level. With Spoke trousers, you can choose your individual waist and inseam, and then select one of three 'builds' to ensure your trousers are as close to your leg profile as possible. The result, is that the cut of the Bulletproof Chinos is superb; making them even more comfortable to wear.


To sum up, Spoke seem to have created a pair of chinos that are cycling specific, but smart enough for the boardroom. From the quality fabric, to the fit and features; the Bulletproof Chinos might well be the only piece of 'riding kit' I've got, which I would happily wear to any off-the-bike occasion.

View the Bulletproof Chinos at (Link)

Spoke Bulletproof Chinos
Spoke Bulletproof Chinos - cyclewear that looks great on and off the bike

Spoke Bulletproof Chinos
The waistband features a subtle elasticated gripper, to keep things in check

Spoke Bulletproof Chinos
The right hand side pocket is complemented with a zippered valuables pocket on the Bulletproof Chinos

Spoke Bulletproof Chinos
You can add a flash of reflectivity to your outfit, by pulling out the reflective pocket tab on the Bulletproof Chinos

Spoke Bulletproof Chinos
Hi-Vis, without the Fluoro!

Spoke Bulletproof Chinos
The leg cuffs also get the reflective treatment, on the turn-ups of the Bulletproof Chinos

Spoke Bulletproof Chinos
The Spoke Bulletproof Chinos have a fit that suits a cyclists' build perfectly

Spoke Bulletproof Chinos
Super smart, and super versatile. I'm impressed with the Bulletproof Chinos from Spoke London


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