Review - Feetures Elite Merino+ Cushion Crew Socks

Feetures Elite Merino+ Cushion Crew Socks
When it comes to winter cycling and running socks, Merino wool is king. The natural fabric, sourced from Merino rams, is a true wonder product.

The strands in Merino wool are thinner than in traditional wool, which means they allow better temperature regulation; providing warmth when it is cold, and a cooling effect when it is warm. Thinner fabric strands also mean that the fabric is truly breathable, and less itchy than traditional wool. Finally, unlike synthetics, Merino wool actually captures and traps bacteria! That means no more stinky socks...

The Elite Merino+ Cushion Crew socks from Feetures are some of the best winter socks I've tried. Cut to around halfway up the calf muscle, they provide a luxurious amount of coverage for your feet and lower legs; enveloping them in a natural microclimate of warmth and comfort, even in damp conditions.

The cushioning on these Feetures socks is also superb. Whether it is running, walking or riding; they provide that delicate balance of cushioning and insulation; but without being too bulky.

Washing? Quality Merino wool washes well. Put it on a gentle 30-degree cycle, and ensure you hang the products up promptly after washing, and they come out as good as new. No thinning, and no fraying.

Overall, these are a great pair of Merino wool socks to add to your wardrobe. No more cold, wet feet. No more smelly socks. No more itchy wool walking socks. This is merino luxury at its best.

Feetures socks are available in the UK through (Link)


  1. These socks sound great. I definitely need something like that especially now that it's much colder, my feet get really cold when I cycle back from work! Have you tested them in this cold weather when cycling?

    1. Hi Petra, yes these are superb in cold weather. The extra length is a real benefit to keep warm blood flowing to your feet


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