Review - Sportique Care Products for Cyclists

Sportique care products
Cyclists are tough on their bodies; from aching muscles and feet, to wind burnt faces - we put our bodies through a lot, as we spin those pedals.

Sportique is a Swiss-Czech brand of skin and body care products. Over the past few years of using their lotions, balms and gels, they have firmly secured themselves as my favourite 'care products' for cyclists.

The Sportique range is extensive: with everything from hand creams to deodorants - in a whole host of varieties. In this blog post, I've selected the ones that are especially good for cyclists; products that feature in my personal bathroom cupboard and wash bag, all year round.

Sportique Century Riding Cream

Let's start with a true essential... chamois cream! This is a must for anyone that is putting in serious miles on the bike, and helps to reduce friction and discomfort between the seat-pad and skin (it can actually be used to reduce friction against any piece of clothing).

The Century Riding Cream from Sportique is one of my favourite chamois creams available; it is pleasantly scented, made with natural products, and does a great job of reducing irritation. I took a tube of this on my 'Coasts and Cols' tour, and it served me well - I didn't experience any saddle sores on the 1,900 kilometre epic.

The cream is now also available in a special Century Riding Cream Femme version (for women). This contains active natural ingredients to help prevent and treat female specific problems of yeast, fungal and bacterial infections, sometimes caused by prolonged exposure to heat and humidity.

Sportique Road Rash Remedy

Accidents happen. When they do, they can leave you feeling a little sore. Read my blog post 'Hints and Tips - Treating Road Rash', to learn why this balm from Sportique can make things more bearable, and speed up recovery.

Sportique Hand Creams and Body Butters

Wind, rain and synthetic fibres, can all be tough on a cyclist's skin. These Shea Butter body butters and hand creams are a great way to add moisture and life back into dried-out skin. Available in a whole range of different scents, there are ones suitable for both male and female riders.

Sportique Muscle Gel and Foot Gel

Your body takes a battering when you are bike riding; those constant rotations, bumps, bruises and strains can leave joints and muscles feeling sore and tired. The Sportique Muscle Gel contains arnica, cloves and other natural ingredients, which noticeably help to relieve tension and reduce inflammation of sore muscles and joints. I swear by this stuff.

The Sportique Foot Gel is a great ointment for anyone that suffers with irritable or uncomfortable skin conditions on their feet. Whether it is Athlete's Foot or dry skin - I have found this to be one of the best preventers and cures.

Sportique Body Deodorant and After Shave Balm

I stopped using deodorants and anti-perspirant a long time ago; in my book frequent showers and clean clothing are far better than spraying yourself with chemicals. This Sportique Deodorant, is the only exception I make to the rule. Made from all-natural ingredients; it has a great botanical scent, and none of the irritating chemicals that most sprays contain.

Finally, the Sportique After Shave Balm. All cyclists shave - whether it is legs, face, head, or even all three. This post shave balm is superb at soothing irritated skin, and preventing shave burn. Containing algae, and other natural remedies, it is pleasantly scented and easy to apply. Feel the burn in your muscles, not on your skin.

All these Sportique care products are fantastic, and they'd make great gift ideas for any cyclist. I use all of them on a very frequent basis, and they provide relaxing and natural remedies for common cycling ailments. Well worth trying.


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