Good Reads – 'The Bicycle Clip Diaries' by Nick Raistrick

The Bicycle Clip Diaries by Nick Raistrick
Nick is passionate about bicycles—all kinds of bicycles, but particularly the tough practical workhorse bicycles ridden by millions all over the world. His mission is to find out how bicycles are being used across the world. He travels all over—from South America to Japan and Zanzibar.

Nick is eloquent and forthright; his writing is funny, well researched, and very readable. The copy I had was a first edition proof copy, and initially the spelling mistakes, typos, and grammatical errors nearly made me put the book down. But, I persevered because I recognise a good storyteller; and Raistrick is clearly that...

I laughed out loud. I gasped at his cheek. I was fascinated by his descriptions of other cultures. I was nearly brought to tears by his heartfelt tales of his family.

Excusing the need for some proof-reading and editing, this book would be a very welcome addition to any cyclist’s bookshelf. Indeed, it should be read much more widely; by politicians and policy advisers—with its clear messages about the important role of bicycles in creating a greener and safer world.

Nick is giving the first batch of the book away for free to bike shop staff, key workers, and anyone who finds themselves "skint in these tough times". All they have to do is get in touch via Twitter – @nick_raistrick


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