Review – BTR Deluxe Pannier Rack Top Bicycle Trunk Bag

BTR Deluxe Rack Top Bicycle Pannier Bag Review
I must admit that I was a little sceptical that a rack-top pannier trunk bag from an unknown brand could be 'Deluxe' when it retails for less than £25. However, the BTR Deluxe Waterproof Rack Pannier Bike Bag is a well designed piece of kit, and offers impressive value as a piece of luggage for cycle tourers, bicycle commuters, and bikepacking enthusiasts. Here is my review...

Most rack-top 'trunk bags' retail for at least £40, from major players such as Topeak. So, with the BTR Sports Deluxe bag coming in at £25, I was not sure it would be up to the rigours of everyday use and abuse. Yet, it has shown itself to be a strong performer.

The thing that particularly stands out with the BTR bag is the design consideration. Tiny things make a significant difference with luggage that you use every day, and this bag has some notable features that make it a smart choice for a cycling trunk bag.

First, the bag attaches to the rack using a universally compatible set of heavy-duty Velcro strap; two straps pass under the main platform of the pannier rack, and then two more attach to the front of the pannier rack to keep the bag in place. This design means there are no issues moving the bag between bikes, and it is fast to fit; yet the unit is well secured, even on off-road adventures.

Second, when you are off the bike, the bag can easily be carried thanks to an integrated shoulder strap. This sling strap zips inside the base of the bag when it is on the pannier rack but it is quick to deploy when you get off the bike and need to continue your journey on foot. A useful addition to add versatility to the design.

Third, the bag has a well-considered storage system. On the outside there is one flapped pocket—handy for easy-to-access items; then inside the main compartment there is an elastic gear retention rail on the underside of the lid, another flapped pocket, and a mesh pocket for smaller items. The bag has a good capacity for daily commute or 'long ride' essentials, and the choice of pockets avoids smaller items getting lost in the interior. There is also a handy bungee cord system on the top of the bag, and two adjustable clip straps—allowing you to lash items in place that you cannot fit into the bag.

The above is a positive story for the BTR Deluxe Waterproof Rack Pannier Top Bag. If there is a potential downfall though, it is in waterproofing—the trunk bag is listed as 'waterproof', but the reality is I do not think that is a legitimate claim. The fabric is water-resistant for sure, but the bag is not completely waterproof—indeed BTR must recognise this, as they sell an optional rain cover for the bag. If you do not have a rear mudguard (meaning the bag effectively becomes a rear mudguard), or if you plan to house non-weatherproof valuables in the bag in a downpour, then you are better with a classified waterproof trunk bag such as the Craft Cadence Tempo Trunk Bag or Topeak MTX Dry Trunk Bag.

Aside from the waterproofing note, the materials are strong but lightweight—they are lasting well with repeat use. The zippers are likely to be the one possible weak point of this kind of design, but they too are decent quality (although not branded YKK ones).

For the price point, the BTR Deluxe Waterproof Rack Top Pannier Trunk Bag is an impressive piece of kit. It is well-designed, and well-executed with quality materials and manufacturing. If you choose to ride in torrential downpour weather then you will at least want to invest in the waterproof cover; but for most everyday endeavours this is a reliable and useful piece of bike luggage.

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BTR Deluxe Rack Top Bicycle Pannier Bag Review

BTR Deluxe Rack Top Bicycle Pannier Bag Review

BTR Deluxe Rack Top Bicycle Pannier Bag Review

BTR Deluxe Rack Top Bicycle Pannier Bag Review

BTR Deluxe Rack Top Bicycle Pannier Bag Review

BTR Sports provided a BTR Deluxe Rack Top Bicycle Pannier Bag to for review


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