Whole Food Sports Nutrition Recipes – Yoghurt Granola Recovery Food Pots (and Coffee)

The more endurance sport and expeditions you do, the more you realise that "sports nutrition" is not necessarily the answer. Adopting a whole-food diet, with recipes like these Yoghurt Granola Recovery Food Pots, provides not only a tastier post-activity treat, but also a healthier alternative to processed sports supplements.

Protein shakes and bars have their place—they are convenience foods, for occasions when you really do not have time. Much like convenience pre-packaged meals though, they are not a sustainable solution for good long-term nutrition—something that is vital to getting results in endurance sport and long distance expeditions.

Whole foods, by definition, are foods made with minimal processing; they have not been tampered with or modified to make them longer lasting or to make them packable. Whole foods are made with ingredients that are as close as possible to their natural state.

Minimal processing of food substances has multiple advantages:
  • The natural health benefits of the ingredients are more likely to remain intact
  • The body can often process whole foods more easily than it can foreign processed ingredients
  • There are no flavourings or preservatives that could have unknown health risks

Now, I readily admit that in years past I used to return from a strenuous morning ride; down a protein shake, and then sit there with a cup of instant coffee. But, after years of learning-by-doing, research, and advice from top sports nutritionists, I have made a notable change of approach…

The Ultimate Yoghurt Granola Recovery Pot

These colourful layered granola yoghurt pots do take a little bit more preparation time than your average protein shake; but the results are mouth-wateringly tasty, incredibly nutritious, and far better than anything you will find wrapped in foil on the 'sports nutrition' shelf.

My Ultimate Recovery Yoghurt Granola Pot is made of just four simple layers

Recipe Instructions

The night before:
  • Place several prunes and jumbo raisins in a re-used glass jar with five tablespoons of water. Screw on the lid, and place in the fridge
When you return ravenous from your adventures:

The Science Bit

So, other than tasting like a pot of heaven, how is this little combo better than a powdered protein shake and instant coffee?

Bio-Live Greek Style Yoghurt
This natural yoghurt is rich in protein (around 10 grams per 200 gram serving) that is vital for muscle recovery; it is high in calcium for bone health; and the natural live cultures such as bifidobacterium, lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus promote a healthy gut and reduce the chance of post-exercise bloating.

Oat and Spelt Flake Granola
Wholegrain oats and spelt are the kings of carbohydrates: they are low-GI, which means they release energy slowly; they are also naturally high in protein and fibre, to aid recovery and digestion. Choose a granola that is baked without oil and does not contain added sugar or salt.

Soaked Prunes and Raisins
Prunes and raisins are inexpensive dried fruits, but they are super-fruits. They are rich in iron, potassium, and multiple vitamins; all of which can help with the healthy function of muscles, blood cells, and the nervous system. Prunes in particular contain a special soluble fibre that is known to prevent constipation; a problem some sportspeople suffer from, particularly in hot conditions.

Chia Seeds
Chia seeds are tiny little South American seeds that warrant their status as a superfood. Gram for gram, chia seeds deliver twice as much potassium as a banana, twice as much fibre as bran flakes, three times more iron than spinach, eight times the omega-3 than salmon, and fifteen times the amount of magnesium than broccoli! That is a big punch for a little seed.

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans
Proper coffee made from freshly roasted and carefully selected beans is a great accompaniment to these mid-morning protein pots. Natural caffeine will keep you stimulated and focussed after a hard workout, and it will increase your metabolic rate to help repair damaged muscles. Coffee is also naturally high in B-vitamins, which help to promote a healthy metabolism. A freshly brewed coffee is a great pick-me-up.

Hopefully, the science part of this blog post reinforces that whole foods are a far more nutritious, balanced, and (most importantly) tastier alternative to sports supplements.

Enjoy one of these granola pots and a fresh brew after your morning workout, and you will feel better and grow stronger as a result.

Content collaboration with Tims Dairy, Rude Health, Aeropress UK, and Island Roasted Coffee


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