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Good Reads - Far Ride Magazine - Tim Wiggins
To justify an £18 price tag, a magazine must be exceptional. Every word must capture your imagination, and every image should inspire adventure; you should feel immersed in the stories in such a way that they come alive and speak to you. Far Ride Magazine, goes a substantial way towards achieving that—with its beautiful stories of bikepacking and adventure cycling.

This journal pushes the boundary between magazine and book—a volume printed on heavyweight and colourful paper, with a spine as thick as your thumb. There is no doubt it is worthy of a place on your coffee table, based on front cover impressions alone.

Dive into the publication, and the content lives up to the same impressive standard.

Captivating stories of urban exploration in Singapore; accounts of Mexican dirt road adventures; personal and intimate insights into great bikepacking races such as the Transcontinental; even homemade ride fuel recipes…

The content is varied, unique, and accompanied by awe-inspiring and beautiful imagery. Each story holds a different focus, and the use of an ever-rotating bank of freelance writers means that no one volume will be too like its predecessors.

Far Ride magazine is a publication that personally resonates with me; my style of riding and my passion for the accompanying side-elements of the bicycling world—such as great food, city exploration, coffee, and culture.

I do not subscribe to many publications about cycling these days, as I find the content too repetitive. Far Ride does not fall into that trap—far from it; it has you eager to read on, and turn the page to the next story—to see what adventures await…

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