Review – Shift Up Custom Bike Thru-Axles

Shift-Up AxlesThru-axles on bikes help to increase rigidity, strength, and performance compared to traditional quick-release axles. Thru-axles are becoming even more common on disc brake bikes because of the need for minimal flex in the hub area—to avoid disc rub.

Recently though, I experienced a disconcerting and debilitating failure of a thru-axle. On a gravel ride, I punctured; on going to remove the rear wheel from the frame I found the axle had slightly seized into the frame; then in an effort to undo it I ended up rounding off the hex-key head that is used to release/tighten the axle. On returning home, I managed to use some monkey grips to loosen off the axle; but it was certainly rendered useless for future fitment. So, I started looking for replacements...

The French brand Shift-Up produces a number of custom bicycle components, including a wide selection of after-market thru-axles. When the Shift-Up axles arrived, I was impressed by the quality and strength of both the axle and the bolt heads compared to the stock axles that had come on the bike.
The Shift-Up axles have precision engineered threads and hex key heads; to allow for repeat and reliable use.

If the thru-axles on your bike feel rather weak, or the bolt heads are not a precision fit to your hex key, then it is well worth considering upgrading to a set of thru-axles like those from Shift-Up—it could save you from disaster, and a long walk home.



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