Review – Moon Meteor Storm Dual Front Bicycle Light

Review Moon Meteor Storm Dual Front Bicycle Light
The Moon Meteor Storm Dual Bike Light is one of the most technically advanced and versatile front LED bicycle lights on the market in 2020. Featuring two different tone LEDs for enhanced daylight and night-time visibility; a powerful output to illuminate the road or trail; and a highly impressive battery life—the Meteor Storm Dual could be the only front light that you need for year-round bike riding.

Straight out of the box, the Moon Meteor Storm Dual feels and looks like a well-made lighting unit. The CNC aluminium case is a compact size to fit on your handlebars; it is fully waterproof and sealed; and it comes with a secure quick release handlebar mount, a helmet mount, and a remote function control button.

The light features 2 CREE XM-L high brightness LEDs—one of which is a warmer yellow colour to help with visibility in foggy, misty, or wet weather conditions—by reducing glare. This neat development works very well indeed, and it is simple to change between the 'warm white' and 'cool white' LEDs by pressing the Variable Lumen System (VLS) button on the unit.

The light has three modes for each LED: Mode 1, Mode 2, and Boost. 

With both LEDs on the output is 1300 lumens (Boost), 800 lumens (Mode 1) and 100 lumens (Mode 2); with run times of 2 hours, 3 hours, and 25 hours respectively.

With either of the two LEDs on separately this changes to 800 lumens–Boost (2.5 hours), 600 lumens–Mode 1 (3.5 hours), and 80 lumens–Mode 2 (27.5 hours).

The outputs in Mode 1 and Mode 2 are fully customisable by pressing and holding the VLS button. For example, you could have Mode 1 (both LEDs) at 800 lumens for use on unlit roads and set Mode 2 to (one LED) 80 lumens to use as a 'town' mode. This is very smart and allows you to tailor your light to the riding conditions and to how much battery life you need to conserve. Changing between the modes is super simple using the Power button on the light, or using the remote control mounted next to your gear shifter.

If you want to switch to Boost mode you double click the power button, and if you want to switch to flashing you press and hold the button for three seconds.

Flashing mode gives you 100 lumen in 'Flash 1' and 400 lumen in 'Flash 2'—the latter is great as a daylight visibility mode. Battery life is an immense 125 hours in Flash 1 and 220 hours in Flash 2. Battery life for all modes is clearly displayed by the 'matrix' on the top of the light.

The mounts are secure and easy to assemble and fit—I have ridden off-road with the light and it has stayed solid and focussed.

The Meteor Storm Dual recharges in just 2.5 hours thanks to the fast-charging USB-C cable. It shows the charge level on the top of the light and the unit will disconnect from the charging current when fully charged—to avoid battery damage.

Other neat features include a removable Lithium battery with over-heating protection; a lock system to avoid the unit powering-on in your kit bag; and a waterproof cable port rated to IPX5.

The Moon Meteor Storm Dual is an impressive front bicycle light. It is very well made, and the designers have considered all areas of safety (visibility), ease of function, and versatility. For a light that you can fit to your bike and use for all your rides—from weekly commutes to night-time mountain bike explorations—the Meteor Storm Dual is a superb choice.

Moon Sport Lights provided with a Moon Meteor Storm Dual Front Bicycle Light for test and review—this in no way affects the opinions given in this review


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