Review – Muc-Off High Performance Waterless Bike Wash

MucOff Waterless Bike Wash
I must admit that I was sceptical of a 'waterless bike wash'—surely the point of bike washing is to displace the muck rather than smear it across the surface? Readers of my 'Ultimate Bike Cleaning Routine' will also know the drivetrain degrease and re-lube is by far the most important part of the procedure.

Muc-Off's new Waterless High Performance Bike Wash is not aimed at drivetrain cleaning, nor will it wash away debris. But, it does promise 'Cillit Bang style' flash and polish cleaning for your frame. I decided it was worth a test and review.

The Muc-Off High Performance Waterless Bike Wash is designed to be a frame cleaner for any type of bicycle; removing dried on residue without the need for water, and leaving a polished surface behind.

I was skeptical, but the Muc-Off Waterless Wash is a useful addition to a home bike cleaning kit. If your ride has peppered your frame surface with dust and light soiling, then the Waterless Wash will work its magic in a few moments—to loosen the adhesion of the sediment and allow you to wipe off the muck. With a clean cloth it is then quick to buff the surface to a great shine.

Using the waterless wash between more thorough bike cleans could make for an easier clean, and perhaps even reduced overall time expenditure on cleaning.

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