Book Review - Julie Morris's Superfood Soups and Snacks

Julie Morris Superfood Soups and Snacks
We've all heard the term 'Superfoods' batted around; often dismissing it as just the latest 'trendy' vegetable or seed to add to your cooking. Superfoods are a genuine phenomenon though: they are individual whole-foods that have an exceptional nutritional profile; be that in the form of vitamins or minerals, or in the form of protein, dietary fibre, or other health-benefiting attributes.

Julie Morris is an American LA based chef, who has long touted the benefits of certain food groups. She has created a whole series of recipe books based around the known 'superfoods'; from soups, to snacks and smoothies.

In this post, I'm looking at Julie's 'Superfood Snacks' and 'Superfood Soups' recipe books, as they seemed particularly relevant for cyclists (especially in winter).

Superfood Snacks

Cyclists love snacks. Whether it is on the bike, or 'in recovery'; snacks are the king of satiating an on-going calorie deficit created by your riding efforts.

Julie Morris's 'Superfood Snacks' provides you with ideas that are a bit more imaginative than your typical flapjack and rice cakes. These are recipes for everything from healthy dips and dressings, right through to sweets and treats. They all contain magic superfood ingredients too, and taste pretty damn good!

So far, I have tried making the 'Hot Kurly Kale Dip', the 'Chia Protein Dessert' and the 'Superfood Nut Butters'; they have all been super tasty, and surprisingly easy to make.

While I love a good rice cake or chocolate milkshake as much as the next cyclist, I do find myself craving wholesome natural foods, with a bit of variety and spice. 'Superfoods Snacks' deliver this, without a doubt.

Superfood Soups

Everybody loves soup. At least, everybody loves some kind of soup; because it's such a versatile food group.

Julie Morris's 'Superfood Soups' contains everything from 'Celeriac and Apple' to 'Tortilla Chilli Soup' and Indonesian noodle soups. All the recipes I've tried to date have been simple to make, and have also tasted great.

Using vegan ingredients, these are particularly great recipes for anyone kick-starting the new year with a fresh new plant-powered ambition.

The Benefits of Superfoods

How about the benefits of the superfoods themselves? That's hard to quantify. However, I would say that you can easily notice the difference from using some of the ingredients.

Chia seeds for example, will make the runniest of mixtures into a thick and textured desert. Kale will add a bit of bite to your soup or salads. Ginger will add zing and excitement to your fruit juices. Even the yellow coloured Turmeric powder (normally found in curries), adds a great bit of flavour to winter drinks.

Measuring the anti-inflammatory, health-boosting and healing properties of food is very difficult. However, measuring the enhancement to cooking that you get from using natural whole-foods, is easy to identify.

Julie Morris's Superfood cookbooks provide a great variety of easy-to-follow recipes; which will enhance health, and provide you with some interesting ideas for whole-food cooking.

Julie Morris's Superfood Snacks and Superfood Soups retail each for £10.99 and £14.99 respectively
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