The Start of Rude Health #TryJanuary #RudelyAlternative

Rude Health TryJanuary
January has always been a month of traditional health-kicks, detoxes, and diet changes. I'm not one for unnecessary change; but with two non-dairy drinkers in my family, I was keen to see if I'd personally notice any benefits of kicking the dairy habit in 2017. It is time to a #TryJanuary #RudelyAlternative.

Why #TryJanuary and #RudelyAlternative

Rude Health are my main motivators for joining this particular dairy-free revolution.

The Rude Health #rudelyalternative campaign is a nationwide challenge for cafés, to try introducing more dairy-free drinks into their line-ups this month.

I've always been a fan of Rude Health's recipes, foods, snacks, and drinks (Read more about Rude Health here); so I thought it would be a great challenge to jump aboard their proverbial band-wagon.

Of course, dairy-free has been the preferred approach for many athletes for some time now. There is a strong belief that getting rid of lactose from your diet can lead to a healthier, higher performance existence.

I've been interested to see if the change would hold any benefits for me, and #RudelyAlternative seemed like the ideal opportunity to do so.
Rude Health TryJanuary
Ditching the dairy in favour of Rude Health's drink selection

Stocking up for a #TryJanuary #RudelyAlternative

What will ditching dairy for a month (or longer) really mean for my diet? What substitutions will I need to make?

My main dairy intake comes from milk in my morning porridge, yoghurt as a snack, and often a milky drink before bedtime. These three intakes are beneficial because of milk's high protein content, and calcium levels. So what will I substitute in for them?

Below is the selection of products from Rude Health, which I will be using throughout the #TryJanuary campaign. From their Ultimate Almond Drink in porridge and bedtime drinks, to their flours to use in high-protein pancake mixtures. There is a great variety.
Rude Health TryJanuary
Stocked up ready for a month of dairy-free recipe experiments!

Stay tuned for #TryJanuary blog posts

Over the next month, I'll be putting the above ingredients into practice, and revealing recipes for dairy free drinks, breakfasts, and snacks.

Stay tuned here on the blog, and feel free to join #RudelyAlternative yourself, for an interesting fresh start to the New Year.


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