Review - Tate Labs Bar Fly Rain Fly Front Mudguard

Bar Fly Rain Fly Front Mudguard
Mudguards are an essential piece of winter kit. In my book, they are as important as the winter jacket or overshoes that you invest in.

However, when riding cyclocross or mountain bike in the winter months, you are left with the problem that full length fenders don't allow enough mud clearance. This is when mudguards like the Bar Fly Rain Fly series comes into play.

Last year I reviewed the Bar Fly Rain Fly Rear Mudguard, and it impressed me greatly. I've had many readers comment on it as well, as it has remained on my Kona Private Jake since the original review.

In this review, I'm looking at the new Bar Fly Rain Fly Front Mudguard. This straps to the downtube of the bike, and provides valuable protection for your feet, shins, and your water bottle.

Easy to fit

First of all, the Rain Fly front guard is blissfully easy to fit. You simple zip tie it to the downtube in three places, then bend it to fit the profile of your front wheel. Job done.


You don't get mudguards much lighter than this. The Rain Fly is made of just single layer plastic, and a few zip ties. Even the weight weenies will be acceptant.


Most importantly though, the Bar Fly Rain Fly Front Mudguard seems to be highly effective. It fits closer to the wheel than most downtube mudguards, which means it catches more of the spray. It also helps to keep your shins, downtube bottle, and pump far better protected than a simple fork mounted mudguard.


Whenever possible, I fit full length mudguards with mud flaps to my winter bikes. However, on a cyclocross bike that isn't an option, because of the mud clearance required.

Most mountain bikers or cyclocross riders will fit a fork mounted mudguard for front wheel protection. The Bar Fly Rain Fly Front Mudguard goes one step further, and brings you closer to having a full length front fender.

It is easy to fit, effective, and lightweight. Another winner in the Bar Fly Rain Fly range.

Bar Fly Rain Fly Front Mudguard
The spray patterns on this photo show the effectiveness of the Tate Labs Rain Fly Mudguard

Bar Fly Rain Fly Front Mudguard
The Tate Labs Rain Fly has kept road spray, mud and grime off my shins, downtube and bottle holder


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